IMSS Nursing, indispensable in the Integral Model for Salud and Bienestar

The director general of the Mexican Institute for Social Security (IMSS), Zoé Robledo, assured that the Nursing staff is inadmissible to transit the Integral Attention Model to Salud and Bienestar, which is working in this process, but is “the coercion of the attenuation in the IMSS”.

Encabezar the Institutional Ceremony of the Nursing Day and the deformation of the bust of Juliet Rico Sierra, a pioneer of this profession at the Institute, at the IMSS Illustrated Personal Nursing Plaza, at the National Medical Center (CMI) Zo Robledo reconnect with Nursing staff involvement in pandemic athens, hospitalization conversions, vacations and service recovery.

“I do not doubt that the transformation carried out by President López Obrador inadvertently succeeded in strengthening the Nursing staff, which is based on fortification, experience and, for example, 80 years ago, which is haremable,” he said.

Zoé Robledo supports the spirit, the ability and the will to take care of the Social Security’s first nurse, virtues that are repeated in the Nursing staff that, without exception, demonstrate their value against the mayor and most serious crisis situations has introduced the humanitarian, the COVID-19 pandemic.

The result is that it is an abomination in the form of 2 mil 454 COVID Attendance Teams in hospitals where IMSS is available for atheism and which integrates with major nurses and nurses, capturing in the company of patients at the moment. mayor soledad y angustia.

Dijo that is not a series just because it is not complete without clear compromises that are stable before the abyss, and but which is advancing in the reconciliation of the licensing level to nurses and nurses, and as a complement to the Mexican Norma Of NOM) 019 for the Practice of Nursing in the National Health System.

Aggregate that seeks to improve the educational offer with postgraduate programs, masters in the Societies of Education, Directorate of Human Talent, Innovation and Educational Technology, Administration of Educational Institutions, Administration of Local Institutions and Educational Institutions as well as doctorates in Education, Direction and Innovation of Administrative Institutions and Sciences.

Opportunity, the headline of the Technical Coordination of Nursing Programs, Fabiana Maribel Zepeda Arias, said that the emergence of sanitation should test the template and character of more than 132 miles of nurses and nurses, or as many as to enter the COVID and contagious cells, derived from the cuppings that are proportional to the patients being treated.

Dijo that is fundamentally strengthening the Nursing paper, and configuring, evaluating and inverting in this profession, and “why not spend it contributing to the disease against large nurses”, the recent experience of the COVID-19 pandemic, where implements proper, organizational goals that push and test the template and character of this person.

Using this word, the title of the Nursing Department of the IMSS-BIENESTAR Program, Dr. María Olivia López Silva, explains that the nurses and nurses of this strategy have been hired in a number of areas at the same time. have a great service call, branding the most vulnerable population, with the pillar of the Model of Attention to Salud.

We have more than 11 miles of nurses and nurses who, in coordination with other disciplines, have a positive view that the program has an impact on health, and in anticipation of the transformation of Health Services into the IMSS-BIENESTAR Program, we are prepared with experience in the implementation of the Integral Attenuation Model in Salud for Bienestar, indicative.

In his intervention, Jazmín Rodríguez Aranda, business nurse Julieta Rico Sierra, refuses to import the pioneer of Nursing into IMSS into his family, a person who is an organ but whose story is exemplified Mexicans who create in a project that now is an extraordinary reality.

Opportunistically, the general secretary of the National Union of Social Security Traffickers (SNTSS), Dr. Arturo Olivares Cerda, said that the abyss is a keystone in the medical services that are shredded by millions of illiterate people, “many the IMSS executor bras that every time they show their relevance to our social establishment need to be at the center of their public health policies ”.

Detachment that intensifies the fight against the pandemic, the federal government has colluded with Social Security as the main bastion to refute the prestige of health services; “I have a place and a place that can be filled with this Institute and its employees. At this crucial moment when we are in the margins, we are holding our own conviction of the junta and in this mission it is just and inadmissible to approach the most healthy and most Mexican services ”.

In his message, the director of Prestaciones Medikas, Dr. Celida Duque Molina, reconciled the responsibility, compromise and personal dedication of the Nursing, with “empathy and humanity, curan, transformation and salvan vidas”.

Submit that by compromise, up to 2 mil 645 fueron galardonados with the Reconciliation Program award at the Nursing Personnel Calculus Athena.

In a nutshell, the director general of Afore XXI-Banorte, David Razú Aznar, knows that the Nursing staff dedicated their lives to the caretaker people who make their living, working professionally in the Nightingale’s Juramento or by Rico Sierra in labor force and at the most critical moments, as in pandemics.

As a result, the work of nurses and nurses in sanitary emergencies is important because they provide the primary care, armature, and armor for the COVID zones in all areas, which show a total concern for all patients; and in spite of their greatness, they approach with empathy, efficiency, discipline, solidarity and human spirit.

Durante su participation, el presidente Ejecutivo de Fundación IMSS, AC, Romeo Sergio Rodríguez Suárez, recalculate the power of transformation that the nurses have in order to supplement the mother as soon as she stays permanently in a hospital bed, and then with her caregivers and medicines that trace her health.

The humanism that the nurses and nurses treat their patients and that with their “sole presence and sonias alivian not only on the part of physics, but also the alma mater and the quality of the nurse who has the fortune to be in their manos”.

Nursing staff reconnaissance

As part of the institutional ceremony by the Nurse of the Nursing, the “Dr. Jesús Kumate Rodríguez ”and the nurse Mar Isa Isabel López López, who as a nurse at the Center for Temporary Attention at the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome, and the nurse Saúl Ramón Quezada, Hern program BIENESTAR, who for the longest time demonstrates the involvement of the patient atheism, the highly professional and extraordinarily humanistic development.

Además, organizes the “Nursing Prizes for XXI Residents – IMSS Foundation” a:

· Marina Martha Aguilar Cruz, General Nursing Auxiliary category, listing at General Zone Hospital (HGZ) No. 1, San Luis Potosí.

· Miguel elngel Chay Cárdenas, General Nursing category, listing Hospital General Regional (HGR) No. 1, Merida, Yucat .n.

· Liliana Aguilar Villarón, Jefe de Piso’s category, advertised by HGR No. 196, State of Mexico.

· Mayte González Martínez, category of Specialist Nurses, listing of High School Specialty Unit (UMAE) Pediatric Hospital of CMN Siglo XXI.

· Graciela Martínez Velasco, category of Personnel of the Confederation of Medical Units, Administrators and Schools of Nursing, listing the UMAE Hospital of Pediatrics CMN Siglo XXI.

· Eloina Tolentino Santiago, Nursing Personnel category by IMSS-BIENESTAR, listing at the Center for Rural Obstetrics (CARO) Veracruz Norte.

· Socorro del Pilar Faviel Quevedo, IMSS-BIENESTAR Personal Nursing category at Rural Hospitals, listing Hospital Rural No. 1, Mapastepec, Chiapas.

The symbolic new entrant reconciled with the “Program of the Calidad of Personal Nursing of base and confinement” and the best qualified nurses of about 645 ganadors in the country.

Presenter at the Institutional Ceremony of the Nursing Day, the general secretary of IMSS, Marcos Bucio; the honorary president of IMSS Voluntariado, Alejandra Aburto Sánchez; the title of the IMSS-BIENESTAR Program Unit, Gisela Lara Saldaña; the representative of the Confederation of Mexican Traitors (CTM) against the IconS Technical Council, José Luis Carazo Preciado; and the representative of CTM against the Commission of Vigilance, Gerardo Cortés García.

Además, Director General of Funding IMSS AC, Ana Lía García García; normative directors of Social Security, and holders of the Office of Representation of the Institute in North Mexico and Sur, Pontifical and Oriental Mexico, Guerrero, Michoac ,n, Querétaro and Tlaxcala, as well as Jefes de PrestacMAma, , IMSS Voluntary staff, nurses and Institute nurses.

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