“In a culture of incest, it is the women themselves who are responsible for silencing the victims”: the case of Brisa de Angolo, who was raped by her cousin when she was a teenager

  • Felipellambias
  • BBC News World

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Brisa de Angolo has been waiting for two decades.

It had been more time since her cousin raped her – more frequently for eight months – than she had lived up to then. It was one teen 15 In 2000, when the family nightmare began. He was ten years older.

“although I was raped and tortured dozens of timesIt didn’t even occur to me to tell her or ask for help. In fact, I thought it would be better for me take my life Tell someone,” he said last week before the judges of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, who heard his case regarding the lawsuit he brought against the Bolivian state for “lack of access to justice and institutional violence.”

He said he had attempted suicide twice, and when he finally spoke up and his parents filed a lawsuit, they asked him in court why he hadn’t said anything before.

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