In the context of Latin America, where is the difference?

Pod Who travels with the dollar and the Colombian trace of Gustavo Petro’s triumph? EE.UU. This is a limit and it is a small notification for Casa Blanca. All the details about the vaccine against covid-19 for their little ones. This is what I owe to you for commenting on the day. Primero la verdad.

1. Así es la nueva izquierda en Latin America

Colombian Gustavo Petro is now the most progressive electo president in Latin America, following the triumph of Gabriel Boric in Chile (2021), Xiomara Castro in Honduras (2021), Pedro Castillo in Peru (2021), Luis Abinader in the Republic (Dominican Republic) 2020), Nayib Bukele in El Salvador (2019), Alberto Fernández in Argentina (2019), and Andrés Manuel López Obrador in Mexico (2018). The group of these leaders can be antidote and endure the pandemic of covid-19, and the game, or the way of a pendulum, one of the center-right and right-wing presidents. ¿What is the difference between the two? Te lo explicamos.

2. ¿What travels with the dollar and the Colombian peso tracing the triumph of Petro?

One of the most talked about products in Google is the triumph of Gustavo Petro and France Márquez in Colombia, which is how the Colombian peso evolved into dollars. Experts coincide in the possibility of a dollar exchange rate against the peso and advise: son claves the announcements that haga at this time Petroleum in terms of equipment and economic policy. This is what saber debes.

The Petro effect in the Colombian economy 3:05

3. The “legal lagoon of parks” affects the negotiations on arms control

Senators presenting a counter-strike against the July 4 recession to transform a general armament into armaments into a legislative text that could be approved by the Senate as a Chamber of Representatives. ¿What are the major conflicting points? The financing of the temprana alert lanes that hack with the “legal lagoon of lanes” barrier.

Details of armor for weapon control in EE.UU. 2:35

4. EE.UU. This is a limit and it is a small notification for Casa Blanca

If you are an esteemed person you are “very, very depressed”, as President Joe Biden suggests, not out. Many aspects of the economic, social and national life of the United States, which are considered certificates that function without problems, are a source of concern. Y eso es una mala noticia para el Gobierno. Analysis by Stephen Collinson.

5. What happened to Tangshan women? The Chinese do not respond

More than a dozen years ago, a commissary even had four commensals at a barbecue restaurant in China, and there was plenty of information on the lathe and victims of the Internet on China: “¿Which passages are actually built?”. Analysis of Nectar Gan.

Viral video of women attacking indignation in China 3:27

At the time of the café

All that saber saber about the vaccine against covid-19 for their little ones

The sanitary authorities of the United States do not allow the use of vacancies against Povizer / BioNTech and Moderna 19 vacancies for small packages. Sin embargo, hay padres que aún tienen muchas dudas. We’re talking to CNN medical analyst Leana Wen.

Macías: We have to vacate all but the covid not se irá 2:43

Enter a city of 3,400 years in Iraq deprived of an extreme sequence

A city of 3,400 years old with an emerging expansion in Iraq due to rapidly growing water level of a send debit to the extreme sequence.

Sequíja de la vista antigua ciudad millenaria en Iraq 0:43

The social networks are plagued by products to whiten the skin, because it can be blown out at regular intervals

On Facebook and Instagram, vendors use hackers and whistles that promote a much clearer drink, while providing information about products, sites such as YouTube and TikTok that can be used to access tutorial miles of promoted people. products or remedies made without replying to their affirmations.

Rwanda provides the use of products to whiten the skin 1:46

Jennifer López singing new song with Emme and usable neutrals in the presentation

Emme Maribel Muñiz y su madre, the famous Jennifer López, is reciprocating her thoughts through a recent duet, pero no por la música.

Jennifer Lopez also has neutral pronouns to present one of her shades 2:02

Create a floating city in the Maldives

A city is under siege from the waters of the Indian Ocean. In a lagoon of Turkish color, only 10 minutes in the boat of Malé, the capital of the Maldives, is a floating city with capacity to accommodate up to 20,000 people.

La cifra del día

37.7 degrees Celsius

The heat-shrinkable home that impressively high temperatures on the planets of the north and the Middle East of the United States is at the end of the commodity cycle and the most expansive is: it breaks down records with more than 37.7 degrees Celsius, mainly in this region and in the south.

EE.UU. alerted by new calorific value 1:09

La cita del día

“You can not cultivate, this is content”

The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, expressed his condolences over the victory of the candidate Gustavo Petro in the elections of Colombia. AMLO says that this content is based on the fact that “a new stage in the resurgence of democratic movements with a social dimension” was initiated in Latin America and the Caribbean. Listen to his words.

AMLO shared allegory by Petro triumph in Colombia: This is content 2:44

Y para terminar …

Inauguran bar and crystal point of 240 meters away on a can in Georgia

A 240-meter-wide crystal point was inaugurated in the center of Dashbashi, near the capital of Georgia, Tbilissi (Georgia). From its center there is a bar, made of crystal and solid. Know the details.

Conoce the colten crystal point inaugurated in Georgia 1:08

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