Incuentran naufragio m profs profundo del mundo, el USS Samuel B. Roberts

(CNN) – There is a new maufragio profound to identify and study, and it is the USS Destroyer Escort Samuel B. Roberts (DE-413), known as Sammy B.

To find more than three kilometers of deep sea level in the Pacific Ocean, part of the way and allied to a toll.

Victor Vescovo, an explorer who has carried out expeditions to the most profound points of the world, locates the naufragio on the 22nd of June.

It is located at a depth of 6,895 meters in the Philippine Sea. By comparison, the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro is 5,896 meters above sea level, with the highest altitude in the world, La Rinconada in the Peruvian Andes, at 5,100 meters.

Previously, the most deep-seated naufragio was identified and studied by the USS Johnston, being passed by Vescovo, which reached 6,469 meters.

naufragio Sammy

The explorator Victor Vescovo directs the search. Credit: Oceanic Caladan

Vescovo, the pilot, and sonar specialist Jeremie Morizet, sums it up to clear the rest of the point-by-point naufragia. It rotates in three layers, which are within 10 meters of one.

Sammy B. was killed in the Battle of Samar, on October 25, 1944, in the marina of the EE.UU. derrotó a la gran nava japonesa, al este de la isar de Samar, en Filipinas. Look at the three Japanese acorns, including the Yamato, which is the most beautiful building jam. The barge estadounidense llevaba 224 tripulantes, de los cuales 89 murieron. Captain Robert W. Copeland fired one of the survivors.

naufragio sammy

89 of the 224 tripulantes murieron. Credit: Oceanic Caladan

The boat “ferociously weighs itself completely perfectly for the Japanese acorns and cruisers and those who are interested”, said Vescovo to CNN.

“The heroism of your captain and his trip is legendary in the Marina, and a great honor is found in the place of the final descent. “Creo that the sound of a ship being unloaded in profundity for no reason to be more nun, can be dealt with in relation to the boat with a sense of vacancy.”

“El hallazgo de los barcos puede ayudar a pasar página, y también aportar detallesl detabre la battal que quizá no conocíamos antes. Como decimos, ‘el acero no miente'”.

Vescovo, founder of the Caladan Oceanic Exploration Company, and a team of EYOS Expeditions carry out all sorts of entries from a distance across the boat, as well as from other estates, the Gambier Bay.

The front registers, which are located at the location of the hulls, are always incomplete, but the team is in control of the sound of a lateral barrier rising to the median, as well as an exhaust investigation.

In principle, it locates three-tube launchers and identifies them as the rest of Sammy B., when the wind blows through the unicorns in a thin ditch element. Last day, locates the rest of the naufragio.

Vescovo calibrated the “honor” to find the boat, saying in a statement that localization had given the team the opportunity to “follow your heroic and heroic story”.

“At different times, it is important to reflect on what we sacrifice voluntarily, at different times, to ensure our freedom and life in the form of screws,” he said.

“For example, the extravagance of the vultures of those who suffer is now void against the probabilities of actually abusing … and ganaron”.

Vescovo caliph de “honor” descubrir el barco. Credit: Oceanic Caladan

I told CNN that I do not know for sure what the route would be to get out.

“El Sammy B. is a small pack with military boats, and we are not really sure that it can be found in the deep and deep ocean when it is inside. “The well-to-do sailors and the hard work, we can find and offer a great opportunity to count your increasing history”, explicitly.

“It’s increasingly exciting to find a breeze on the ocean floor, given all the inconveniences to treat it.

naufragio buque Sammy

Vescovo’s team performs these insertions in a bucket of water. Credit: Oceanic Caladan

Kelvin Murray, Chief of Expedition and Director of Expedition Operations and Submarine Projects of EYOS, said:

“For example, you can expect an increase and a certain amount of effort from all of the team: the boat trip, the team of submariners, the historians and other specialists. place of final descano de este barco tan tenaz “.

“There is a desperate, emotional and conquering expedition that recognizes the boats and sailors of all the nations that are still struggling to survive.

The team also sailed more than 7,000 meters to search for other bucks, a porter, the Gambier Bay plate, but no powder was found. Do not search the other destroyer, the USS Hoel, for data files.

The technology used to locate Sammy B. means that it does not support the deepest naufragio of the world lasting much faster. Credit: Oceanic Caladan

No obstinate, the Sammy B. podría no ser el naufragio m profs profundo durante mucho tempo. The group that is new to the lateral barrier of deep search is the most profound of all operating normally at 6,000 meters, although it is likely to reach 11,000 meters, or the total depth of the ocean.

The Caladan Oceanic team has the highest level of interest as far as Vienna is concerned.

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