“Indigo health is not a priority or interest” for Indira Vizcaino. Hector Magana

* Secretary of Health Martha Janet Espinosa Mejia is aware of the volatile situation in which hospitals operate. “But he acts with passivity, incompetence and omission,” says Hector Magania Lara.


Colima, Col. – The government of the state of Colima, led by Indira Vizcaino Silva, has shown that the health of the people of Colima “is not a priority, nor is it in their best interest to improve the situation” because of the hospital. There are many shortcomings in the infrastructure of the entity, lack of medicines, medical staff և others, which make this infrastructure “operate in disbelief”, even “in the event of collapse”.

During a session of the State Congress this Friday, Hector Maganya Lara, Coordinator of the PRI Parliamentary Committee, presented his position in the Sixtieth Local Legislature on the appalling conditions in which public hospitals operate.

Maganya Lara stated that the deputies, who are members of the so-called Democratic Bloc of Colima, have recently visited various areas of the organization’s health’s hospitals, “where we have been able to verify” the unstable conditions under which they operate to the detriment of Colima. families. “The constant we are facing is the impunity of state bodies to properly address the issues of concern to health centers.”

The PRI coordinator said that “the health problem we are having in our state is not from today, but long ago, particularly three years ago, when this federal government decided to eliminate Seguro Popular.”

He said that promising that we would have a healthcare system like the Nordic countries, the Federal Government introduced INSABI, which started its operations in Colima after the then Governor Ignacio Peralta signed a contract in which he handed over the field. activities. public health to this fledgling federal institute.

“Three years after millions of Mexicans suffered from a lack of medicine, medical care, health care, prevention schemes, they were sadly forced to face the death of a family member or acquaintance.

“Today, with complete failure, they tell us to forgive the inconvenience, but now we are going to introduce the IMSS-Wellness system,” which is nothing more than public insurance, but a more temporary version of what this government is doing in 4T. : ; “As a result, many of us declared at the time that this loyalty to INSABI would be a major setback. Unfortunately, time and facts have shown that we are right.”

Hector Maganyan said that after these five months of the state government, “everything has gotten worse, where there is not even the slightest sense of belonging, solidarity with Colima, who is suffering from the suffering of a loved one or family member.” sick. ; who have to be tested in hospitals in our state because of the lack of the minimum resources needed to receive decent medical care. ”

He said that “it has become clear to the government of this state that Colima’s health is not a priority, nor is it beneficial for the situation to improve.”

He noted that “we are very concerned about the lack of seriousness of the Minister of Health Martha Janet Espinosa Megia, who, although aware, is aware of the unstable situation in which hospitals operate in our state, where thousands of people live. Colima is endangered, actions of passivity, inefficiency և inaction, which can not continue to be allowed, as we face a possible case of negligence that must be investigated և punished with the full weight of the law.

He noted that despite the existing shortcomings, the staff of the healthcare sector has made efforts to maintain this unstable healthcare system in the country.

He recognized the medical workers who “showed their human quality and grace of service, who, despite these unstable conditions, the bad attitude of the state authorities, do not give up, continue to provide service at the foot of the gorge with some difficulties” in several cases. having to put money in their own pockets so that they can have the necessary supplies for medical care. ”

PRI pointed out that “it is inadmissible that because of a worthless official, the salaries of our doctors, nurses and medical staff, whom we considered’s praised as heroes in the face of our new epidemic, are not covered.” .

“It is inadmissible for hundreds of units of blood, which can save your life, mine, your brother, your sister, father or mother, to be thrown into the State Blood Bank due to administrative inefficiency.

Finally, he noted that the Democratic Bloc “has decided to end this inefficient state of health care in our state, which is why we strongly urge the federal and state authorities to take immediate action to address this inefficiency, as every minute of life is endangered. “

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