Insurance for Family against emergencies

Marta Martínez del Valle, Monserrat Suárez Ardura, Laura María Quintás.

La practical formation of Family Physicians is the protagonist during the XXVIII National Congress of the Spanish Society of General Practitioners (SEMG). Among the multitude of formatted options enabled one-on-one interactive activity is included medical urgencies which can approach the faculties of the first level of assistance.

The ‘Roulette of Emergencies’ at the XXVIII National Congress of the Spanish Society of General and Family Physicians.

A través de la ‘Emergency Roulette’, an activity in which 3 roles are sorted between the assistants and sometimes there are a variety of practical cases interpreting the paper that they are all, the faculties of the Family are confused as to how to act against these situations. These roles are divided into: a doctor who flies to his home with a basic malt; where it is found without any material in a cafeteria; and the third time with a vital support advanced by a UVI mobile.

Based on this, Marta Martínez del Valle, Family Physician at SAMU Asturias and coordinator of the SEMG Emergencies group, along with Monserrat Suárez Ardura and Laura María Quintás, members of the SEMG Emergency Group, has there are different clinical cases out of which more than 35 participants the activation method is followed.

“Objective is to replicate frequent urgencies that can be encountered by family doctors in diarrhea and y activity update your conjugation in the treatment of mismos and trauma of the most common cases such as hypoglycemia, convulsions or hemorrhages by accident ”, explicitly Maria Quintás.

Explain the medicine of 061, the emergence is like that suele “poner nerviosos” a los profesional. “It is not the main function and you do not know how to work in these situations, settings, formation of Family physicians in this type of situation is fundamentalabout all the practical training that you can train ”.

The participants were somehow simulating a patient in an emergency situation.

In this sense, the result is that the formation in Medicine is constant: “It is a very amplified field with many shifts. Assistance in emergencies is formed but does not always occur in frequent situations. The manner in which training where can I start updating my currents with more heat ”.

On the other hand, Martínez del Valle reserves that he treats urgencies is not the habit for a Family Doctor. “In the course of which we show that with many recourses we can do everything and prepare it for the patient before taking the medicine and including only one treatment.”

Martínez del Valle explicitly acted against an emergency.

How to act in the first instant of an emergency?

As Maria Quintás assured, running a Family medicine test of an emergence determines the actions that can be taken. “If you can orient yourself to the patient, if you have to go to bed at 061, then you can see the assisted podium.” To explain how to act it is a period of time in which the emergency team arrives and an egg that is optionally labeled to sample the application ABCDE de Urgencias. “It is important to see the stage of your life and to ensure that it is not obstructed. “If the stove is to be treated with ventilation”, details Martínez del Valle.

Measures that are followed must determine the level of saturation and oxygen administration. One of these parameters must be checked to see the levels of circulation, blood pressure and heart rate. “We need to do hemorrhage compression and drug administration,” the statement said.

Posteriorly, you must explore the degree of discrepancy. “Control the patient alert stage, pupils and the neurological stage. These situations can be reversed with the administration of the pharmacists ”, details the coordinator of the group of Emergencies of SEMG. Ultimately, if the exposure phase is still in place, review the patient with the end to find other dates to see what is going on.

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