Intensified migrants using migration routes to and from the EU

Towards ending the vigilance of the traditional migratory routes through part of the Mexican goblin and rises due to the presence of organized crime, the Central Americans are using the sea as a way to supplement the American American.

Following the information “Mar adentro: migrantes náufragos en el mar” from the United Nations, here are four points of internship for marriage, each with different routes on the sur, surest, golf course and north of the country.

The first point is on the front of this Puerto Ocós en Guatemala up to three destined destinations en Chiapas with a price range between $ 400 and $ 800: Mazatán, Puerto Chiapas y Paredonwith destination from Oaxaca hasta Salina Cruz. Además, hay otras dos posibles rutas: Huatulco y Michoacán.

Through inter-institutional and test-taking measures, the UN identifies that it is routinely interned in its majority of outgoing migrants El Salvador, Guatemala y Honduraspero’s ultimate profile profile is swapped and identifies people from Venezuela, Nicaragua y Africa.

“The traffickers conform groups of up to 15 people of different nationalities who are staying in Ocós hotels, Guatemalaa vez completing the number envelope in lanyards, pero with double motor that las hacen viajar ve gran velocidad ”.

In the Yucatán Peninsula tamibén se identifies itineraries to enter the country, mainly Cuban and Central American, but also registered by migrants India, China y Africa.

In this area, traffic lanes use the natural conditions of the region for internation in national territory as well as natural reserves where there is a lot of vigilance.

The main routes are straight through Cuba with access points a Isla Mujeres y Cancúnpero también secontraron versions que algunos ingresan por Belice traverses of ecological reserves.

From this way you can identify three routes: Cuba-Isla Mujeres, Cuba-Cancún y Belice-Chetumal. As soon as artesanas embargoes are used, now that boats have been identified or large embargoes with population origin originating from El Salvador, Guatemala y Colombia.

“On transport, in the coast of Yucat .n, there are embargoes on engines with small open motors for power displacement, posteriorly using much of the artisanal balsa medium or embargoes that come from the bay, which is not matriculated. In Cancún and Isla Mujeres, Central American and extracontinental countries are subject to embargoes imposed by Asian and African origin.

One of the historical points with the most irregular migration in Mexico es Tijuana. Pese a las medias impuestas por EUin order to prevent the migration of migrants by land and destination destined for sea.

The intelligence found itineraries across the Pacific, which included inclination points in the Sea of ​​Cortés in a conicid site called “El chinero”.

“It simply came to our notice then EU, plays around Tijuana where ocurre the migrant traffic, ligado al drug, all in Popotla and Ensenada. In San Felipe and Mar de Cortés it is clear that there are all kinds of migrants like drugs ”.

Routes confirmed by Rosarito and the games of Tijuana or San Diego; hay otras en la mira como Puerto Nuevo-Chula Vista y Ensenada-Popotla.

The Gulf of Mexico is classified as antesala a Tamaulipas y el sur de Texashowever, it is documented that migrants are susceptible to being recruited by the drug trafficker.

There is a clear route, the first of the Coatzacoalcos in the Tuxtlas area, where the transport is with rapid launches and profiles mainly Central American and extracontinental. There is also the existence of zones in Catemaco.

Other routes are to the Tuxtlas Zones, where the distance from three hours to one hour is sufficient, even in the Alvarado area. “Make quick launches between the Coatzacoalcos and Catemaco sea areas and the lakes between Coatzacoalcos and Minatitl conn with the object of retenting brincar.”

“Even though there is a phenomenon that is present in a massive way, there is no evidence of that from the menos of 2016 and even the irrationalization of the caravans whose presence has intensified”, detailed the information.

Aumentan deportations

Excavations due to Title 42, which prevent deportations due to the pandemic, United States accelerating the return of energy migrants to the market from 77 mil 418 to 107 mil 149, an increase of 38.4 per cent, consistent with the office of Additions and Frontier Protection (CBP)for their initials in English).

“The CBP continent has been completing Title 42. The movement of migrants found in a marching field under expulsion and water processes that have not yet begun is Title 42 having regressed by Title 8,” he said. Chris Magnus, commissioned by CBP in April finals.


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