Investigate the probabilities of detecting lung cancer with a test tube

Detection of temprana is a step taken from the range of clinical manifestations and specific biomarkers.

Luisa Ochoa

June 22, 2022 | | Reading Time: 5 min

The diagnosis and treatment of patients who have recently undergone major surgery to assist patients with lung cancer. Photo: Shutterstock.

A study published in The Lancet’s eClinicalMedicine magazine informs you that what the client is trying to do is almost a conversion into a reality as a hermeneutic detector lung cancer.

The hermitage is used with excitement to identify, in 84 patients, 16 organic volvile compost (COV) cancers associated with el lung cancersuch as aldehydes, hydrocarbons, ketones, carboxylic acids and furans, all of which are composted in the production of domestic products such as furniture, albums, and cloth.

“It prevails that the sample is taken for the initial crib lung cancer, but for the final diagnosis“, say the authors of the study led by Dr. Peiyu Wang, Ph.D., head of social and health medicine at Peking University in Peking, China.

How does the diagnosis and treatment of the patient end up fundamentally to improve survival in patients with lung cancer, temprana detection is a deficit due to the lack of specific clinical manifestations and biomarkers. Analytical computed tomography with its costs and implicit exposure to radiation, writes Dr. Wang y sus colaboradores.

Probe aliens consider a method used to detect and crib the part lung cancer. Having been studying since 2014, Belgian investigators publish a review in the Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention documenting the use of compuestos organic volátiles as a diagnostic or diagnostic biomarker for mesothelioma.

The biomarkers of the alien’s lung cancer identified in various studios han sido muy heterogeneous debit the different methods of collecting samples, the different conditions of the patients, the intrusion of the test and the methods of analysis. As a result, there is currently no one prueba de aliento for the detection of lung cancer, said Dr. Wang en una interviewee.

With its potential as a hermeneutic detector, “medicines can be introduced to try for people with high risk, as advanced-age smokers or persons with related symptoms. It must also be introduced to live populations with subjective and objective needs to detect the lung cancer. Given that the proportion of pulmonary adenocarcinoma in female genital warts is not increased, try a good method to detect lung cancer at this timesaid Dr. Wang.

Adjusted for age, sex, taboo and comorbidities, investigators control elevated levels of 16 organic compuestos volátiles in patients with lung cancer. A diagnostic model that includes 16 organic compuestos volts with a wind speed of 0.952, a sensitivity of 89.2%, a specificity of 89.1% and an accuracy of 89.1% in the diagnostic lung cancer. A model that includes the eyes organic compuestos main volts with a bit rate of 0.931, an sensitivity of 86.0%, a specificity of 87.2% and an accuracy of 86.9%.

Selected 28 organic compuestos volumes as candidates and traverses of a literature review, Dr. Wang and his collaborators carry out a prospective study from September 1 to December 31, 2020, using mass spectrometry with flight tempo analyzer with ionization of high pressure photons (HPPI-TOFMS) to evaluate its diagnostic capacity lung cancer. The validation study included 157 patients with lung cancer (average age: 57.0 years; 54.1% female) and 368 volunteers (average age: 44.5 years; 31.3% female).

“External validation confirms the level of these biomarkers in the detection of lung canceraffirms investigators. organic compuestos volátiles as 8 organic compuestos volts for the detection of lung cancer.

The authors affirm that there is a big gap between the investigation of alien probation and clinical practice for the detection and closure of lung cancer. If they are 16 organic compuestos valid volts, mainly aldehydes and hydrocarbons, sample potential to promote this detection strategy, require more scientific studies to investigate the mechanisms underlying them organic compuestos volátiles de lung cancer identified.

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