Inviable, AMLO health plan: medical

It is not possible for a Mexican child to have access to free medicine and medicine, but to create a system of health with basic characteristics, such as decks, and not only one, but it is safe to say that the president Andrés Manuel López Obradorexpress medical.

Consulted by EL UNIVERSALnoted that detracts from Jefe del Ejecutivo federally there are only intentions.

“Creating a health system or going to the point is not something that you do not like, that you do not know, not 850 días, not a sex. It’s something that decays. Those who have a system of health, such as the United Kingdom or the stages of the European Union, they have been decimated because it is impossible to get rid of the night and the machine “, says Xavier Tello, medical and author of the book The tragedy of desabasto.

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It’s young, at the graduation conference at the Palacio Nacional, López Obrador compromises that in the midst of medical and medical attentions they provide free and universal treatment in the Salud sector.

“Ya tenemos ese compromise muy claro: la atención medica para todos, independientement de sienes ISSSTE, si tienes Seguro, no, es universal. This is State of bienestarthe degree to which it is consolidated in the Constitution, in Article 4, but it is a death sentence, as many others are in the Constitution, whose principles, principles, but in reality are not left to themselves ”, Agregó.

Commenting that L qupez Obrador’s tenants are all static sound systems integrated with IMSS-Bienestar, However, this does not mean that you have to spend a fortune on money, but to guarantee that you will need a sufficient presupposition ”.

Agrega: “Every diner that does not need to pay for the free thing, does not have it. “As soon as the President is hacked, he pays all the services and the undecidedness of all the patients, but he does not know what the alcance is.”

Explain all the parts that integrate the Organization for Cooperation and Economic Development (OCDE), Mexico is one of the other diners invested in cash, with $ 620 per annum per patient, averages that Germany, for example, says 5 , and Gran Bretaña, lost 4 million 200 dollars.

“In order for a total conversion of the caliber to be tightened, it needs to be incremented only after the presumed destination is saluted. Y eso no sucederá ”, says.

The coordinator of the University Commission for the Athenian Emergence of Covid-19, Samuel Ponce de Leónsee that all the doctors and practitioners of the salutation seek a free universal system, but they are more easily deciphered than hackers.

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“The quality of the services is fundamental to our services high quality medical athens, requiring an inversion height and a preparation grain, given an amplitude of infrastructure capacity. Adonces, deciding that in one go you will provide free services that can be, effectively, affordable. “Although it is implicit that we want to deal with a good health system, it is not the dent of their real possibilities”, subraya.

For Ponce de León, the free will only be linked to a system that provides a capacitive amplitude for the primary attainment “and not at present tense; the installations and capacities of the doctors are not optimal. Build a good health system, but only with words and saliva. It is not possible to build an exhausted granule, a granulation plan and a gran inversion in human resources, presupposed and in infrastructure ”.

Dice that the statements of the Federal Executive have a compromise and an aspiration that does not have the clarity that is required. “Unsuccessfully, their accessories in the substance of the case do not have any specifics to concretize this strategy in reality.”

Alejandro Jácome, UNAM Academic, Indicates that L porpez Obrador’s student is sure to be of good intentions, but only for free and athenian y en medicamentosa, “You need a very, very large inversion. “Because what we see in the last few years is that the presumption in the salutation has not been substantiated, since it is not disseminated.”

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