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San José.— Transcurridas las primras jornadas de la IX Cumbre de la Americasin Los Angeles, California, where the legacy of advancing the initiative of the President of Mexico has increased, Andrés Manuel López Obradorfrom the Organization of American States (OECD) and replicated by a hemispherical body similar to the European Union (EU), with the presence of the United States within its dominance in Washington.

At the insistence of López Obrador, a majority of the 33 Latin American and Caribbean goblins have recently become embroiled in an internal crisis and are now embroiled in regional and extra-regional conflicts and have been deported by the OEA.

“With the excellence of Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Bolivia, we have no consensus to conclude the OEA and inaugurate an incurable future structure,” advised Bolivian diplomat Jaime Aparicio, exhibitor of the country and the organism. “Lopez Obrador planted an absurdity. It has been made clear that the European Union is a union of democracies. The basis of unity is ten democracy. Qu How to create an AEO with another number and that an economic and political integration between regimes as disparate as the region? No tiene sentido ”, affirm Aparicio a EL UNIVERSAL. “The democratic clause is essential. Si no, no habría UE, creada para evitar nuevas dictaturas en Europa tras la Primera y la Segunda guerras mundiales, y construir democracias interconectadas. It is incompatible that Lopez Obrador prophesies algo destined to the fragment. A salto al vacío ”, added.

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After Los Angeles, the Mexican President’s blunt force impulses on the “pharaonic” project over the OEA, segments of diplomatic power. “This is not the idea of ​​Lopez Obrador. In a sinusoidal political trajectory it is a populist discourse like the main one ”, said the abbot, political scientist and pro-government activist Benjamín Cuéllar, conductor of Victimas Demandantes (VIDAS), a group of people who do not exist “Ignore how to use this idea, knowing that it is a cause behind the curtain, as a springboard to launch as a leader by the unity of the region. “I’m saddened that in the last few years the giga sighed illusively with pompous and grand announcements that did not go unnoticed,” said Cuéllar.

“[López Obrador] deciding not to listen to the room, but also to his wife Marcelo Ebrard. If you find a radical coherent Hebrew position sido: Mexico no va. Ni el Presidente ni nadie ”, agregó.

López Obrador announces in the coming months that in July next year he will visit the President of the EU, Joe Biden, to propose that “as soon as the Commonwealth [Económica] Europea [en 1958] y luego pasó a ser Unión Europea [en 1993], ase necesitamos hacerlo en América ”. In July 2021, López Obrador sued the OEA, accusing him of being an interventionist, and seeking further aggression. In August 2021, the Mexican Cancellería recommended: “Adiós OEA in its sentiment interventionist, engineer and hegemonist and that venga otra organization that constructed policies in line with the EU”.

López Obrador reaffirms his support for Los Angeles in the wake of the EU decision to exclude Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua to learn that its anti-democratic nations are inclusive of what it’s supposed to do in 1994. viernes, is realized with the ghost of a diplomatic diplomacy of the EU by the agency of the numerous numbers of the State and the goblin.

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The Commonwealth of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac) takes care of political, diplomatic, and financial instruments in order to build the muscle of inter-American integration and work as a sporadic block to political convention, which is why . The EU and Canada do not claim Celac, now the temporal presidency of Argentina and the creation of the pact in 2010 in Mexico before the installation in 2011 in Venezuela. The OEA believes as a continental neurological point, following the great communists or separatists of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

“La OEA is not depressing () and does not complete the function provided by the news [impulsar] an American dialogue, including the EU and Canada “, said the Guatemalan political scientist Sandino Asturias, director of the (non-static) Center for Guatemalan Studies in Guatemala. “It’s important that the dialogue is simple and straightforward Latin America and the Caribbean with EU and Canada tenga algan mechanism. Hace falta tener espacio ”, indicating Asturias is periodic.

The OEA has crucifixes that excite comedic atrophies in the second half of the twentieth century and in the first deciles of the twentieth century according to the dictatorships of the gates and the equator. Venezuela is expected in 2019 to accuse the OEA of ranking in the EU and in front of its frequent condensers against violating human rights. Nicaragua initiates in 2021 the return of what the organization denounces the illegitimacy of the November comic books. Cuba was launched in 1962 by the OEA because it adheres to Marxism-Leninism as a satellite of the Soviet Union (which broke away in 1991) and seeks to reintegrate.

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