is Fausto Murillo, the Youtube trainer

    With over 6 million followers on Youtube, Turbofausto is one of the best personal trainers valued in social networks but routinely with corporate, sensory and functional weight. Loose hemp with oil and how to contact it is your method of training and your nutrition tips to keep the ball in the summer.

    Ó How to start Turbofausto in the world of fitness?

    My name is Fausto Murillo, I am a Colombian and I have 10 years of watching videos online. My objective is to help people who adopt a style of sound screw, based on three basic principles: correct feeding, exercise and positive positive action on the screw. Impecé dando free classes in a park and ahí de di som som som YouTube. With the pandemic I was more conceited and multiplied by my followers. Tengo 53 years old and born in the Colombian city of Turbo Antioquia.

    Tip What type of training do you demand most?

    The 60 because I know that my videos are full of girls, as well as my routines are infused a lot in the work of pins, glitches, espalda … And, for the guys, all on Instagram, it’s more working with pectorals, brazos .. Always with corporate weight, for training in case and material. However, most of the mangroves in these workouts, because of the weight and with the exercises more or less, that can be used to use bottles or towels.



    De cara al verano, deb c debmo debemos entrenar?

    Do not inflate more than one card at a time and freeze more free air. Cardio with propio skin, very intense. Tengo retos in my YouTube channel, with routines Tabatas, which are very hot, of a 30 minute maximum and very effective.

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    Son How are you entertaining?

    That which is in my reeds, is that which hago. Voy muy poco al gimnasio; me gustan la calistenia y las barras. Train all of them directly in the red, at the same time, and as such. Playing in a house that tightens the hips and a load on the collar, no need to go to the gym to get in shape.

    “Me gustan la calistenia, las barras y los eercicios con el peso corporal”

    ¿Are you strict with the topic of food?

    For me it is most important to have a safe screw style. No matter what the diet, it is recommended to eat well, avoid it, avoid harassment, processes and more natural, such as vents, chicken, fish, carrots or eggs, because they are proteins. Avoid all the breads, drinks, chocolates, dulces, cerveza, alcohol and demos. The cervix is ​​an enema of salud, best water or natural baths (risas). The body works best. Do not treat as if they are nutrients.

    ¿Cuál es tu capricho poco saludable?

    (Risas). Me gusta el chocolate, pero intento comer chocolates sanos y en poca cantidad. Pure chocolate, with a little azure. Me gustan también los helados, pero me corto mucho sí.



    What is the name of Turbofausto?

    Por el lugar donde nací, Turbo, en Antioquia, al norte de Colombia. The turbo is powered by the meaning of power, energy. How about Turbo Steps, which are turbo passes, which I do a lot to drive my car. Hacía much of subir escalators, jump in step and demis.


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    Transmits can be rolled.

    It is considered a key to motivate the gent. With my search videos incentive to the gentleman is a style of salutable screw, which many want to change and tal, but are not available at all sacrifice. And this is a very creative role that is all too easy, motivating and rewarding. When doing something like this, there is something that you can do to help alganzarlo, but it’s my routine and it’s all its extras and complications. The results are not fast, they are patient.

    ¿What is most complicated about creating adhesion by training?

    There are types of motivation, an intrinsic one, that comes from adentro and that haces porque to convince you as a person, ayuda a tu salud physical and mental and hace sentir y verte mejor, te levanta la autoestima. The game has an extrinsic motivation to be led by a guapa person, who wants to be equal to what he is, even as an example. This is a more passive motivation, that import is your property. Y adherencia al ejercicio viene de ahí. With pandemics, inflation and all that is negative that we are living, often suffers from anxiety or depression, and my publications are better and more motivated, more mentally tempered.



    ¿Are you a supplementary record holder?

    No lo veo imprescindible. The creatine or protein in the polo has its own supplements, to add to its nutritional benefits, as a supplement to keep you healthy. When it comes to protein, a final step can be taken in a sentimental way. Combine adequate amount of protein is key, in turn to one gram of protein per kilogram of body weight; the OMS recommends 0.81, which is reduced to one gram. Y eso si eres sedentario, ya que si entrenas, haces mucho deporte y m ,s, pues necesitarás m cs cantidad, y todo eso hay que medirlo y tenerlo en cuenta. Sobre todo el el desayuno ya tenemos que estar comiendo proteins. No protein is created in our muscles or volumes.

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