Itatí Cantoral goes to the 47 as well as the good wines, divina in charol vest

Testing that the passage of time hacks the mandates, the Mexican actress guapísima Itatí Cantoral, up to 47 as well as good wines, divina in charol vestido that destacó sus attributes. The interpretation of the famous villa in the soap opera María la del Barrio, Soraya Montenegro, Itatí Cantoral presumably in and out of conservative guapísima and jovial capacity.

Trave your stories on Instagram, Itatí Cantoral share a video in which to receive a surprise from its representative, Danna, in your chamber, expecting a sophisticated and modern outfit de charolthat sample demás, pero that the shadow of the singer Roberto Cantoral look elegant thanks to the details and the aggregate.

Se trata de un entallado charol black dress and manga larga con una gran abertura al frente hasta el abdomen, que dejaba escapar sus attributes, ajustado con un cinto a juego con una gran hebilla.

Itatí Cantoral aggregate and place one black leggings on the floor and one stiletto of the same color, which subscribes to elegance and discretion, even in the style of Sandy Olsson in Vaselina.

The act of leaving the telenovelas as well Hasta que el Dinero nos Separe and more recently La Mexicana y el Güero 47 years old and well-rejuvenated and well-reared, with a large carcass of a thousand leaves.

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Y es que, tan solo en este ao, Itatí Cantoral not having a parade of work, watching television, theater, and even cinema, when we record that one half forms part of the Disney movie exit, Redwhere you are waiting for the Spanish version of Mei Lee’s character’s Spanish version, Ming Lee.

For the ex esposa of the actor Eduardo Santamarinagive Ming Lee life a great opportunity and an enormous body, not only because he was always happy to participate in a Disney movie, but also as a teenager, María Itatíella también se syntió identificada.

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“It simply came to our notice then that a cake had been eaten by a brazier and it was green because it was my mother, María Itatí, with a ‘Red’, and a ‘Red’ with me just in my shadow, because I’m 13 years old. , entonces está dedicada a mi hija ya todas las niñas adolescentes del mundo ”.

Itatí Cantoral goes to 47 as well as good wines, divina in charol vest. PHOTO :, INSTAGRAM

Itatí Cantoral to reconcile with the novel of history in which the subject of menstruation and all the physical and anemic cambiums that have been condensed into it, but the opportunity to reflect its own prophecy in such a way, is due to hijos se les debe dejar ser para que aprendan a vivir, y no sobreprotegerlos, como reconoce que hace con su hija.

Itatí Cantoral goes to 47 as well as good wines, divina in charol vest. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

“Yo me identifico con Ming Lee”, nos confiesa Itatí. “I have a mother protector and I have to admit that the screw is changing, that you have the ability to adapt to your gearboxes and to make decisions; tú solamente los acompañas. Al final, el amor es eso. And this hack the movie, record that what is most important is the love “, precisely at the moment.

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