“It’s a dead end”: Manuel de la O, Bronco’s medicine doctor, ex-governor of the NL


The ex-governor of Nuevo León, Jaime Rodríguez Calderón, El Bronco, corre el riesgo de morir si no recibe atención a su salud de urgen manner. Así lo advirtió el Dr. Manuel de la O Cavazos, doctor of the statutory ex-mandate and who fired at Salud’s secretariat. The alert originates from the fact that, as requested by the specialist and the political party, it is aware that there are victims of negligence in the penitentiary center where it is included from the last 15 minutes of the present course of the current course.

It’s grave, you need an integral athena to solve the problem, él is available to learn all about the legal process, pero hay que atenderlo ”, says Dr. de la O mientras que esperaba con Adalina Dávalos Martínez, esposa del Bronco, a que fuera trasladado a na hospital, luego de que inclus a juez local ordenara ese traslado desde la noche del sábado.

It advises that Jaime Rodríguez is concentrated in a grave state, given that he presents with intestinal bleeding and hemorrhage at the level of hemoglobin, but that it denounces the violation of human and constituent flags by the exorcist, and is accountable to its currently authorized authorities. is a lesson to be learned: “Alguien va a ser culpable, si les avisamos que estaba mal, y la sociedad ne es tonta”, dijo el medico.

Posteriorly. the ex-governor of Nuevo León was transferred to the Monterrey Gallery Hospital for a “mediated” medical evaluation.

Do you think that the realization of clinical studies is objective as well superior endoscopy, colonoscopy, gammagram with marked erythrocytes, valorization by cardiology (consider cardiac diagram) and medical manual by your team of cabs.

Jaime Rodríguez
Jaime Rodríguez “El Bronco” ue recluido en el Penal de Apodaca, el exbobernador de Nuevo León (PHOTO: CUARTOSCURO.COM)

Cabe menzionar que el pasado 20 de april, Adalina Dávalos Martínez reveal that El Bronco ha perdido alrededor de 10 kilos at its stage in the Penalty of Apocada.

La esposa del Bronco seóaló que al ex mandatario statatal not establishing the diet in proportion to Cereso’s medicinessince it is the mass that offers the internal demos.

“For what it’s clear, but to decide that there is a quest for privileges“and no, it is a menu, as many of you are deprived of your liberty, when you are a nurse”, said Divalos Martínez and various other means of communication.

Asimismo, Adalina Dávalos preoccupied herself by the stage of the salutation of the salutation is the news of the news being translated into the Metropolitan Hospital in Monterrey in mid-April, but indicating that the curtain of probability is likely to be “To solve the problems of the nurse and the problem of political politicswhich is manifested from these hairs, but in the last days it is notorious.

Considering that you have to have a different attitude “The story of the news was done only at the (Metropolitan) Metropolitan Hospital and I did not have more study studios and a radiograph, but it is normal because of situations that have not been discarded,” he said.

(Photo: Facebook / Jaime Rodríguez Calderón)
(Photo: Facebook / Jaime Rodríguez Calderón)

Uploaded to ello, el Bronco, the 28th of april, share on your Facebook account a card with two buttons on Alto Commissioned by Organization of the United Nations (ONU) revise its legal situation, ie, follow its declarations, not respecting human rights.

“Hoy, my dear Ada, present an inconsistency against the office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the UN in Mexico; how to abide by the action and abuse of authority in the State, which are directed to a preventive approach totally unjust, and acting illegally, ”he says at the beginning of the communication.

In the text, el Bronco make sure that “justice is not doing its job, and it is the service of a single person”. Además reproves that ningún juez, ni federal ni statal, that tome su caso and insist that “ninguna de lasusations (en su contra) amerita prisión preventiva”.

Do not double me up as far as my case goes. See what my family is up to, to respect my most basic needs, to follow the prompts to follow the pie, in order to gather the water as it should be, and not as if it were the sea”, Sentence.


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