“It’s the one who felt it with his nipple”

    The Mercedes team is sure to take the plunge to find out if the Hamilton and Falta cars are too frustrated. The heptacampine of the world assured that it is a sensation in Canada in the wild living nunca in its sports car and that quiz is the time of centering in the monopoly of 2023.

    The W13 is very small, says Hamilton

    Lewis Hamilton repeats a scene standing very light from the area above the parrilla. In the first session of the entrenched books octave octaves of the first decisive minutes, without embargo, in the second session I hold the decimoter position and set it at 1.2 seconds. Verstappen.

    Mercedes established in Canada’s own league by the new media introduced by the FIA. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. parecía que iban a perjudicar a Mercedes m ques que a ninguno. As an embargo, Mercedes finally does not tend to worry about it being the end of the week. The FIA ​​has determined that this is the only way to recover data.

    Without embargo, this does not mean that el Mercedes no haya rendido como heptacampón quiere. Nada more bajarse del W13 in the second session of the Grand Prix of Canada Entertainment Books, Hamilton declare the microphones de Sky Sports the words that sum up the current state of Mercedes: “This house is very small”.

    Nada de lo hacemos en este coche parece functional. We try different arrangements with George and then to see if it works and why not go there, but I have to uncheck it ”continued Hamilton.It’s like the dog goes to bed.

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    Rad Centrados in close proximity?

    Hace varios meses ya desde Mercedes insinuaban that no descartaban, legodos cierto punto de la temporada, desechar est ao y to focus exclusively on the 2023 monopoly. As soon as the time is right, or the men in Hamilton’s room.

    “We’s working hard, but it ‘s what it’s. Creo that is the dog of which it is, of fashion that we have to work hard to create a better monoplase for near timeaseguraba Lewis.

    It’s not Montreal that I know or that I experimented with away from my car. It is because it feels like ningún coche aquí. I hope that we will be able to work hard and make beautiful shoes right now, but we have the most basic things in different cars and greenhouses ”designed to conclude Lewis Hamilton.

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