Iván Duque en Cumbre de las America “:

The intervention of the President of Colombia generated controversy over the particular form of referring to the
The intervention of the President of Colombia generated controversy over the particular form of referring to the “autocrats”, claiming to be the source of populism. REUTERS / Hannah McKay

The Cube of the Americas, which descends on the continents of the continent from June 6 onwards, is at its peak. Durante la Plenaria, the president of Colombia participated with one particular intervention in the realm of democracy and autocracy.

Iván Duque initiated the graduation of the president of the United States, Joe Biden, but the hospitality and assurance that the focus is on a strategic and relevant topic for dialogue and support “To find the foundations and principles of the international system”.

Aseguida habl from the importation of democracy and record that lambres han tendo as system of unification and criteria in the middle of the differences, the restrictive defense of democracy.

Thras hablar de la Carta Democritica Interamericana firmada en Lima, se septemembre di 2001, Duque volcó su discourse al que eston acostumbrados los Colombianos, e el que menciona e la dereca, la izquierda el eligro og populism.

“I do not have ideological exclusions, I have a constant, precise struggle, any form of dictatorship and assassination against the democratic structure of our nation. “We do not lie in false narratives, presidents and prime ministers, no region is divided between the elite and the conservatives, neither progressives nor conservatives, but there is a clear distinction between those who are democratic and who are self-proclaimed president.”

The Colombian mandate is to defend “democracy at all times” and to make a clear distinction between what is created in the democracies and respect for the center of the majority and not in the violent imposition and arbitrariness of a strong front. .

“We tend to defend the democracy of the autocrats who are fed by the p of populism, the p of polarization, the p of the proverb, to break the pubes, and we do not rise and fall. “Many of these autocrats have ascended to the level of democracy because they are often subject to dictatorship, even though they are ruled by a dictatorship,” said Iván Duque at Cumbre de la Americas.

On autocracies, it is safe to assume that they are valid for indefinite connections on the continent to be tracked. As mismo, invitó a denunciar is the type of hechos.

“Things that have always been seizures and denunciations, but only so long as the genocide that lives on in Ukraine is the product of an autocracy.“But we also believe that the American system is the defense of democracy as a beacon, as a permanent and constant light, so that we can be blessed”, added Duque.

The conductor Felicity’s Luis Almagro, Secretary General de la OEA, by the defense of the Interamericana Democratic Charter. “Democracy is like salutation when the tones are not valued but when the sentiments are salimos rapidly reclaimed.”

While insisting that “we must not keep silent against the dictatorships of Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba”, paraphrased by Martin Luther King, Ese silenced “us a lot of complexities” of those regimes and from the outside that imprinted their pueblos.

On migration, inviting and continuing to work as a continent only to recapture and target migrants without having to pay attention to the flags generated by the exodus. The fact that the country has received millions of Venezuelan migrants accurately “sin on a rico country” with a state of temporal protection of 10 years that has joined a million targets.

It is recommended to refer to the environment of the environment and the result that “there is no planet B”, to terminate the new reflection of the characteristics of the room that culminates in Los Angeles. “We debated our differences in democracies, but now that the fertile territory is fertile for the dictators of the hemisphere,” concluded the Colombian mandate.


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