Javier Aguirre confia in book the discount in La Liga

al RCD Mallorca que dirige el mexicano Javier Aguirre to be found in a wide range of en La Liga de España, The fold of the jornadas is 2 points of the last 17 of the classification, which covers the Cádiz, team that intends to Real Madrid is doming in a jorda in a dond all the parties are disputed at the misma hour.

By the way, Mallorca is medirá al Rayo Vallecano, por lo que Javier Aguirre comparing in the form of a prince previ to incuent against the Madrilenians and reconciling that your team has presented “altibajos” since it assumes the carrier of the trainer hacks two months, but insists that it is “alive” to fight but permanence is dominated by the Rayo Vallecano in Palma and the last day in Osasuna, in Pamplona.

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“We do not depend on our nostrils, we bark with water on the skin, because we only have to wait and wait for the suckers to become accustomed,” Aguirre said in a statement during a visit to Rayo and Son Moix.

“We can not repeat the lamentable part, but all in the second part, which we go against Granada (Mallorca cayó goal: 2-6)”, precise.

“We’s supposed to be mentally into the ball, but it’s a final, the first to be delivered from the last part of the house when it’s fired. “I hope that after that I will pass. I want to combine things and we will live to the last part”, Aguirre analysis.

The Mexican technician was refuted by Cádiz’s opponent, a direct rival to the descent, who recalled Real Madrid in the flamingo condition of the Santander Liga camp and who played against Nuevo Mirandilla with many complements.

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“I had a hard time with Leganés and empaths 2-2 (with the result that the conjugation ‘pepinero’ that leads Aguirre descending to the second in the tempo 2019-2020). los han parties cumleido. que ganará el mejor “, he explained.

Aguirre advirtió, asimismo, que el Rayo será en rival complicado: “Leva dos años con el mismo ‘mister’, la misma base jugadores. suffrir porque is a rival that calls you the pelota, the trata bien. Si no estis bien te puede hacer un roto “.

The mallorquinist trainer, finally, refers to the anemic and physical state with the one that approaches the first of the finals that are due.

“The team is a method in the game, with a lot of ganas, not with the team that we can play in the game against Granada. el Rayo “, said Javier Aguirre.

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