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La de Joan Manuel Serrat nunca fue una voz plácida para la dictatura de Francisco Franco. Singing in Catalan and having news about the executions in the Francoist regime fuels the delinquents. On July 2, 1973, you paid 50 million pesetas to the Spanish government for the Civil Guard not being fired. Ya tenía much much that hacer en su tierra: había sido acusado de “ignurias al Estado”. Entonces follow the safe escape route: Mexico.

Decades before, hubían republican exile centers were found in every mexican a refuge against fascism. Serrat sabia who here found great friends. Y así fue. The first house to be recaptured from Taibo was an Asturian family encamped by Paco Ignacio Taibo I, historian, writer and periodical. All in between hot tubs, serrano jam and tinted wines, concoction added to all of these shades: the current director of Economic Culture Fund (FCE)Paco Ignacio Taibo II, and the escort Benito Taibo.

In Mexico, greenhouses You can also find people who exchange money for you: Luis Buñuel, Max Aub, Luis Alcoriza and Juan Rulfo. With all these emotional and intellectual geniuses that form him as a Hispanic American artist in all the sense of the word.

“A Joan Manuel no le gusta sentirse el centro de atención, sino ser uno más en la mesa. It does not feel like it tastes like multidisciplinary comedies that are organized in the case of some paddocks, but also that, in other places, they have reverse silent silences before they are powdered. In my house, in exchange, I was one of the family. Por lo tanto, tenja que luchar por tomar la palabra tanto como resto “, said in an interview Benito Taibo, cantautor catalán, who drive a 60-year-old car artist.

The author of Mediterranean and Penelope is the ultimate giraffe The vicio de cantar 1965-2022. Su’s last gira de conciertos en el país inicia hoy en el Auditorium Telmex of Guadalajara; on Saturday, in the Auditorium Pabellón de Monterrey, and the corpses and juveniles of the proxima semana, in the Auditorio Nacional of the City of Mexico.

“We are blindfolded and, at the same time, very sad to be friends and followers without burning fire cantar. It is an agridulce sensation of saber that we are in the ultimate of our concoctions. Sin lugar a dudas, Joan Manuel the great detonator of all sentimental education of a generation, ”commented Taibo, recalling the traits in which he greenhouses at the stadium to see Atlanta, the team that interprets the guard a special car only after sharing the colors with a club: FC Barcelona.

“More than a dozen people in the stadium with Juan Villoro, Eduardo Mendoza and David Huerta,” Taibo said.


The conflicting persigue a greenhouses from the front of the nacer. Sus padres vivieron la Guerra Civil Española (1936-1939) en carne propia. Your mother, lesngeles Teresa, fired an Aragonese rebel who escaped from Belchite by the fascist bombers. Your father, Josep Serrat, is a notable politician and anarcho-syndicalist who knows the horrors of concentration camps.

Your mother-in-law said that the taste is due to the fact that the domestic laboratories lasted. Your father, in exchange, hereditary the spirit of the light that always abrased during the franchise regime for cantar en lo que odiaba Franco: el catalán.

“Tuve suerte, nací in the best case in which podía haber nacido. I created with caricature and good masters. Dediqué tiempo a lo que me gustaba hacer, a lo que quería hacer ya lo que crea que debía hacer. Vivo, hasta la fecha, an epoch gloriosa, in which I have passed away in my infancy and adolescence “, said Serrat in an interview with El País in 2021.

José Luis Cantón Paterna, an academic at the University of Barcelona, ​​supports the idea that El Nen del Poble-sec (Poble-sec’s niece) canción La, la, la, during the 1968 Eurovision Song Contest.

“Sin duda greenhouses bearing a Catalonia icon, a cultural banner for many XX generation generations. greenhouses impuso su voz en pleno frankismo, cuando había un acoso e un persecuón real be contra las communiadesdades Catalanas, a las que se prohibía hablar en su idioma ”, asegura Cantón Paterna.

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In 2013, Joan Manuel declare that “it is best to have a medium that has a veggie”. Y así lo ha hecho durante 65 años. For this you have to adhere to Els Setze Jutges, a dissident collective of cantautores and pensadores that, since 1961, have been pushing for its mission canción catalyzed by a cultural movement that led to sheet metal Nova Cançó (New song). The statements of the Levantine prince polemica among the most conservative circles in Spain: “I like to sing in the language that prohíben”.

“Joan Manuel is a very sensitive, sensitive and intelligent man. And my catalonia, in most of the sentiments, from a place that is full of only those who are compelled and obliged not to use the idiom. Joan always has the status of the noble and dignified causes in Europe and in the world. “The great legacy is the recovery of the train and the word, the recovery of poetic figures (like Antonio Machado and Miguel Hernández) and the certification that, if you believe in the world, if you salute the buscarla”, concluded Benito Taibo.


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