Joan Manuel Serrat. Your music has not been played yet

Your tour starts in April in New York, passing through Miami, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and leaving Mexico to visit Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Uruguay and, Claro, all of Spain.

The turn and presence in the scenarios between 22 and 23 December in Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona, ​​will definitely be public.

All the scenarios, as confirmed by the last 5 minutes in a concert in Dominican Republic: “Yo dejo los scenarios, pero no dejo de vivir, no dejo de querer; amo la vida, amo la música, amo la luz; I do not think that we can be found and found on the streets ”.

In total, the singer-songwriter has about 60 concerts in one pound with which he personally freaks out his fanatics, the public with which to share their screws, their exhausts, the subjects that sing along with more than the initial media and that impregnated frame and trace the time.

From the world of music (1965), the interpretation of “Penelope” does not have to specify songs, rough discs y hacer giras por el mundo, desde symphonic orchestas hasta intimidad de piano, guitarra y voz, with the company of the inseparable Ricard Miralles, alternating their condition as singer-songwriter with the efficient musicalization of poems by authors like Antonio Machandi and Miguel .

Durante an interview with the Argentine periodical Gerardo Rozín, in December 2021, a policy on the motivation of the expedition: “It is a decisive sentence but a feeling more than a decisive one, quizá razón is the one who marks these things that we do not think allied to the scenarios, all the way to Spain, where you have all the pandemic; they are far away, terrifying, perceptive and evident with a lot of time of reflection ”, the singer said.

“Todo es muy frágil y antes de que la gente, el tiempo o la pandemia me retiren, me voy yo; me alejo de los scenarios pero no de escriir de hacer música ni de estar vivos; “Returning to the age of 79 is not bad, it’s a good thing and it’s a lot of fun,” he said.

A life of music and poetry

Joan Manuel Serrat for one of the initiators of Nova Cancó Catalana, generation of contestant songwriters who reincarnate the use of Catalan during the dictatorship of General Francisco Franco and who composed his letters with a poetic and intimate style.

Serrat was born on December 27, 1943 in Poble Sec, Barcelona, ​​in the heart of a Spanish-speaking family. Your father, José Serrat, is an Catalan and anarchist, and Tengel Teresa, a native of Zaragoza. The mezcla of tongues and costumes marking your identity.

The first passages in the music of the scribe and poet come with three computers from the universitywith the form of a musical group, having their friends make it easy for them to sing in solitary confinement, noticing a great talent, as if they were making their debut in 1964 on Radio Barcelona, ​​in the Radio-Scope program, when first disk, a small Catalan company, Edigsa.

The greenhouse integrates into the movement of Nova Cancó Catalana, and forms part of Els Setze Jutges, a collective that seeks to retrieve Catalan language and culture. One year after his debut on the radio, he first performed live at the Centro Cultural L’Avenç, in May 1965.

From entons, your songs can be listened to, and before 1967 the Serrat phenomenon, sung in Catalonia, left the rest of Spain. And when he grabs his first disco in Spanish.

In 1968 he was invited to represent Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest, with the song “La, la, lá”, A guide to the dictatorship of rebellious generations, despite the Serrat announcement that he did not want to be presented in Catalan, but that he had a long veto on national television. It was performed at the festival by young Massiel who won the prize with the theme of Serrat.

The quality of your compositions (which alternate between Catalan and Spanish) imposes itself on political pressures, thus converting a finite number of themes into emblematic ones of all one generation, before which, however, it as “Mediterranean” (1971) has been widely reported in European and South American media.

Exiled to Mexico

The singer and poet alzó la voz con la lucha antifranquista, and in 1975 a series of concerts took place alongside the medieval graves of dictator Francisco Franco.

Ocurrió trace the casting and the pen of the order of the 11 integratives of the Frante Revolutionary Antifascist and Patriots and ETA, accused of assault and various police, all of which are aimed at casting and firing on the fort. Cantante hizo ciertas declarations that the problem genre in Spain, realized a search order and capture against él. Choose Mexico as a place of exile.

Durante un ao, Joan Manuel Serrat boarding the board of a bus with its groupor, where I want a concert center.

In 2014, at the commemoration of the city of Mexico by the 75-year-old Exilio Republicano Español, you can count on your experience as exiled in our last year.

“Nor it turns out that we have a father in every ladle, tenos must not be in any place, if you can be perfectly perfect with all normal, lo porque yo las tengo; I do not have to sit in a boat, I do not have 69, and I do not have 75, because I have to make a statement because I have to do it because I have to go through a process. “Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing.

Grammy Latino de Honor

In 2014 it was reconnected by the musical legend that has been released; at the ceremony Rubén Blades, Miguel Bosé, Juanes, Vicentico, Lila Downs, Joaquín Sabina and Calle 13 perform some classic serrats.

Great production

Serrat counts with 30 studio albums, live shows, recuperations and set of tribute discos, in which other musicians and performers demonstrate admiration for their work.

The adiós

The concert took place in the Metropolitan Auditorium, 12 stars in Guadalajara, 14 in Monterrey, 18 and 19 in the National Auditorium. tickets at



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