Joel Embiid criticizes James Harden, Philadelphia 76ers for being more aggressive and aggressive in passing playoffs

PHILADELPHIA – Después de adquirir a James Harden In the box office, the Philadelphia 76ers wait for the final round to take place and take place in the conference finals, and most of all, in the NBA playoffs.

In exchange for a quarter of an hour, Philadelphia viola temporada llegar a su fin en la secunda round el jueves por la night, perdiendo 99-90 ante el Miami Heat. Harden no fue a factor in the game, scoring only new shots, two of them in the second half, and scoring 11 points.

Eso llevó a Joel Embiid to decide that the 76ers do not qualify for the Harden version that won the NBA Junior Most Valuable Award and the term among the top three in the other three polls, in the transaction, which is, or the rest of the 76ers, does not fire aggressively sufficiently away from the series.

“From what we understand, we all hope for James Harden de Houston,” said Embiid. “But it’s not’s. It’s more like a game credor. It’s like, after all, it helps to know how, but all of us, more aggressively. All of us are more or less Tires [Maxey] o Tobias [ Harris] o los que salen de la banca.

“I do not refer only to the offensive. I do not refer to myself, to the offensive, to the offensive or to the defensive in conjunction. , offensively, all of them are actually on the page, obviamently, solo teniendo probablement that, tres or quatro meses para trabajar todos juntos y tratar de desifrarlo. .

The 76ers do not seem to have the most ballooning in the Juez 5 and 6 of this series, while the Heat losers in the can with a couple of seconds left to pull off the series that Philadelphia won the Juegos 3 and 4 Here Center to draw content.

Away from an interview, which serves as a posterior discussion of the game and a solitaire interview for the tempo of which it is directed, Embiid says that the pig does not attribute the pig to a juggernaut and that there is a moment when it requires all la lista se miraran en el espejo y buscaran forms de mejorar.

“Todos tienen que mejorar”, says Embiid. “No se trata solo de mí o [Harden]. From 1 to 15, there is a reason why we lost to Miami. This means that we do not buy all of them well enough. I want all of them to be better “.

Además, Embiid reacted to the effect by shooting Heat Jimmy Butleryour computer company takes about a month to get to one of the destinations in Miami at this time.



The Miami Heat surpassed the Sixers 99-90, beating the 4-2 series and scoring in the near instance of the NBA Playoffs. Butler sums 32 points and Strus anotó 20 units. Maxey y Embiid convirtieron 20 cada uno en Philadelphia.

Of course, there are three years, the game, that the Philadelphia time limit in Juego 7 in Toronto with a shot of Kawhi Leonard, la Unica vez que Embiid y Butler jugaron juntos en los playoffs. Be sure to check out more opportunities to use the post-Butler post.

“Obviamente, ese es mi tipo”, says Embiid. “Ese es mi hermano. Oh, hombre, es difícil. Pero estoy muy orgulloso de él. Está jugando a unrealë un este momento. which has the capacity of hacer.Han tenido altibajos durante toda la temporada. “Credito. Own a gran team. And preferably a gran trainer and a front offensive gran. As much credit for paras”.

“As I know, I’m happy about it. I say, I’m not sent here and I’m right that I’ve never wanted to join my team. es. I only want to follow the link to this meta “.

Aunque Embiid is not with Butler, he is with Harden, who violates another post-depressing term with his act of depreciation in Game 6. when the part is established decisively.

When asked if he wanted to move offensively, Harden said: “Manejamos nuestra offensive.

But when it comes to futures in Philadelphia, Harden has more to choose from. With a $ 47 million upgrade option at this time, Harden has the option of mounting and securing the diner, mounting and extending with the 76ers, recharging and signing in another place or signing a new wallet.

As an embargo, the sea is the option that Elijah, Harden says he chooses to play here.

“Estaré aquí”, says Harden.


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