Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard: Judgment by Difference Between Actors and Ambassadors in the Ultimate Testimonial Week

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Amber Heard under Johnny Depp's background

Fountain of the image, EPA

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Amber Heard continued on stage this Tuesday, contesting the works of Johnny Depp’s abbot.

Judgment by the difference of the Hollywood star Johnny Depp against her exposure and actress Amber Heard continues this Tuesday, reuniting the moon deprived of a break of five seconds.

The Penney Azcárate magistrate, who presides over the jujube, has only an anterior compromise on which she assists all the passage.

Amber Heard kept rehearsing it until it was no longer possible.

The juicio is programmed to conclude the 27th of Maynot that the testicles could be spread on the stage to declare in favor of Heard or Depp.

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