Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard: the interrogator’s sister Camille Vásquez who kisses the actress against the guards

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Amber Heard

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Photo pie,

Amber Heard stands in four different stages.

Amber Heard concludes four intense acts on the stage, re-examining the testimony in the juvenile of the difference that Johnny Depp puts in front of him.

The last few blows were fired from a firecracker and the cargo of Depp’s abbot, Camille Vásquez, who questioned the veracity of Heard’s testimony about conjugal violence and that he knew about it somehow.

In a detailed and rigorous intervention, Vásquez accuses Amber Heard of consuming drugs, shooting Golp, Depp, abusing himself with other pairs and manipulating photographs that also use evidence of the actor’s physical violence.

Abogada buscó varias veces desacreditar el testimonio y hubo varios intercambios airadoshaving repeatedly testified that it was unique and specifically to the precursors of the hacienda.

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