¡Jonathan Rodríguez se une a la lista! America’s refuges that are more dolorous than their rival acerrimos

America gives a grip on the middle of the transfer market due to the official incorporation into the asylum discipline of Jonathan Rodríguezdelantero uruguayo que brilliance in the MX League in its passage by Santos and Cruz Azul for posterior probe suerte en el futbol de Saudi Arabia con Al-Nassr.

If so, in our country fue campeón tanto con Guerreros como la La Máquinafue con los Cementeros donde se convirtió en ídolo al ser el hombre klave para romper con sequence 23 years old with title, además de goleo camp in the individual y Oro Balloon as the best player in Mexican football in 2021.

I agree with this, many celestial affidavits manifested in social order para hacerle saber al Cabecita su molestia por la decisón que tomó de firmar por las Águilas, acérrimo rival of the institution of La Noria. Inclusive, varios manifest that dejó de ser un ídolo para ellos from the moment you accept Coapa’s offer.

This situation is not new in El Nido, or in other epochs tambien they are forced with jugadores that are important for their rival acerrimoswhich generates the effect of sus hinchas with all and that anteriorly I do not think so, because I do not know that there are no social networks.


In 1969 he said the first example of a reference from a direct rival of America to the Angels. Although in this case the whole sports room does not have much space between one and the other club, the reality is that the path of Enrique Borja de Pumas to the azure creams generated in the university partiality.

To decide the president of the team of one of the members, Andrade Pradillo, the exchange rate porque I owe it to a young person who does not have a suit; without embargo, the attacker in such manifestations does not establish an agreement with his venture because he felt that he was a native “Like a costume of popes”said by él.

Taking a pass from your situation to the lab tribunals, the fall determines which tena that jugar con Americawhere the poster is convincing goleo tricampganó dos Ligasuna Mexican Cupun Campeón de Campeones and one Copacaf Champions Cup to convert to American Idol.


El considerado best footballer in the history of mexican football también tuvo un paso por Coapa. Hugo Sánchez arrives at Nido trab news about triumph in Real Madridteam where to convirtió en Pentapichichi y multicampthe situation that the idol of the volley Pumasthe quality of surgery team and the one who camped in the shares.

For the time 1002-1993, la Águilas rompieron el mercado fichar al delantero de la Selección Mexicana, cosa que gusta nada a los aficionados de Pumas, quyan volvían a ver as a idol suyo se vestía de azulcrema; without embargo, no matter how much this situation is due to that solemn one like american, starting in the south with 35 games, anot 18 goals and be crowned in a Champagne Cup.


Other university singers who wanted to study for Pumas before leaving for Europe Luis García. Its facilitation for defining the dentre área le hicieron ganarse el mote de Niño Artillero y con él, camping with UNAM in camp 90-91just in the Final against America, antes to embark on its adventure across Europe with Atletico de Madrid y la Real Sociedad.

Game of the two, Return to Mexico to sign with America, equipo que, dicho sea de paso, era su favorito cuando era niño. The history is repeated and the other reference auriazul firmaba with las iguilas donde anotó 40 goals in 78 gamesas long as the logarithm does not have a title on it by the institution.


One of the canterans that has the best football conditions in Puma during the decade of the 90’s Braulio Lunawhich included no tardó en ganarse la camiseta 10 en el dorsal auriazul; sin embargo, tal como pasó with Borja, Hugo Sánchez and Luis García, the colors azulcremas estarían en su camino.

Braulio had direct access to Universidad al Nido in 1998 in a way that enardeció los aficionados pumathe rooms are not reserved for the first visit of Luna as an American to Ciudad University, or that it is indicated in abucheos and concises in its contrabecause it does not contain content that is for sale, but only for American confederation.


One of the most controversial transfers in the history of Mexican football tuvo lugar en 1999. Ramón Ramírezivdolo de Chivas, pasaba en una direct sales to Club Americasituation occurring without precedent in our country after being operated on among our league antagonists.

Economic problems oblige the president of the Promoter Guadalajara, Salvador Martínez Garzato sell to the mediocampista a las Águilas five to all advertisements of tapestries that do not give credit for a sale that in reality no fue nada editable for creams, debito that Ramón is still more than a turn, south 18 games and three goals. Passing night by el Nido.


Nicolás Castillo has a love affair with Puma’s affair. The Chilean dealer’s conviction in reference to the university team thanks to his goals and good deeds, mismas that he llevaron a emigrate to European football with Benficateam where you can not scream like hubby’s, because you want to fly to Mexico.

Return to our country of origin in Americateam that is accurately sold, hizo of its services and pass, despertó la iro de los auriuzuleswho had been trampled by mercenary and mercenary attack on the Andean attack, who had been fortunately tried and tested as an American, having just acted against UNAM in Pedregal.

Las lesiones y problemas de salud le impidieron a Nico drills in Coapa as you go with Pumas, but in the final form part of the plant that ganó el Campaign of Champions in 2019 y la Copa MX de ese mismo año.

Hoy, Jonathan Rodríguez lives a story similar to that of the mentally ill jugadores. Gran parte de the Cruz Azul affidavits wait for the vernacular with Americateam that has opened its doors and tenders that sample its best version to aspire to be considered by Uruguay from the World Cup.

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