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The ultrasoundtambién llamado ecografia, is a non-invasive medical study that helps and diagnoses and treats various medical patients. Use sonar waves to produce images of the internal structures of the body. Consider a safe, non-invasive diagnostic method that provides efficient results when operated by a qualified operator.

The ultrasound capable of real-time image reproductionas it is necessary to sample the structure and motion of the internal organs of the body, as well as the flow of the blood through the blood vessels, confirmed by one of the most versatile diagnostic methods in the world.

For the import of your application, the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM, for example in English) lead a campaign called Ultrasound First (primary ultrasound), which ultimately consists of creating concordance between the professionals of the salutation over the use of the ultrasound as the first hermeneutic diagnostic.

For the doctor Jorge Estradapresident of the Mexican Federation of Associations and Colleges in Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, Doctors need to take better care of their patientsthis is not only implied by medical attitudes, as they are required to be vanguard in the way of teams generating a certified diagnostic.

“We can not compete with a doctor if you are equipped with an ultrasonic team. This includes general practitioners, specialists and gynecologists and obstetricians. Includes traumatology, pediatrics, surgery, internal medicine. Although the medical team did not consult the doctor, it is equipped with efficiency “.

Asimismo, the doctor Alberto Sosa OlavarríaCirujano Doctor, Specialist in Obstetrics and Maternal Fetal Medicine, known that in the exercise of current medicine, ultrasound is a complementary hermeneutics in diagnostics and therapy of various medical concomitant hairs; for the medicine to be used as an adjunct or supplement to the evaluation of the patient, it must be permanently consistent with the end result of obtaining the highest efficiency, the highest efficiency of the hermaphrodite for better results, and for the benefit of the patient .

The medical cases coincided with the fact that they do not know the indications of the procedure, and if they do not know the correlation of the images in the different pathologies, they can make more serious mistakes, diagnostic mistakes.

Specialist Jobs Anyway Invited to Academic Exercise by Ocean Medic to participate in the web The importation of professionalism in the practice of ultrasonography on June 29th.

Doctor Sosa Olavarría said that adaptability to technological advances should be based on a general condition of the doctors and doctors working with ultrasound. “When we were in our 80s, ultrasonographic studies were performed on our teams, not only in terms of capacity, but also in terms of resolution, which is currently only possible. On the other hand, it provides the kind of ultrasonic variants and the incorporation of different oriented software to facilitate data processing and image capture, not only in the field of two-dimensionality, for example, but also in the field. I also have other dimensions, like 4D and 5D ”.

For example can be used to use ultrasonography in the field of embryo-fetopathology that permits conceiving human growth and development from the beginning of the gestation. From various stages, in a embryo between the 4th and 5th semesters, follow the evolution of the embryo away from the screw; stabilize your crashing and scrolling parameters from the biometrics point, stabilize your weight, saw and diagnose, you, the scaling and scrapping alterations, when accelerating or delaying scrolling. How to diagnose a large number of congenital malformations, which maternal-fetal orthopedic surgeons can handle and orient when attempting a compromise in fetal health.

“If one is not prepared to conceive all the elements of physiology and physiopathology of these nosological units, then cometer gravitation errors that can be applied to the consistency of dissections, even for the mother as to the fetus.”

Ambos specialists Participate in the 3rd webinar organized by Ocean Medic The importation of professionalism in the practice of ultrasound, the proximity of June 29, traversed the platform


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