José José: the dinosaur separates itself from the shadows, it pleases the heretic division

Dos años y siete meses después de la muerte de José Joséand the game of which in April 2021, Anel Noreñaof 77, Exposition of El Príncipe de la Canción, announcement that the universal hereditary era of singers and adjoining heavens has a direct succession to its shadows José Joel, de 46, y Marysol, of 39, we are interested in what is most important is to conclude the fourth stage of the judgment of the denunciation of the will, with the quality Anel and its shadows for the final part of the biennes. We flattened with a person approaching the Sosa, who were waiting for the revelation that it was notified, the quality esperaron lasted a lot of time, the legs at the moment, pues Marysol is at a distance from her mother and herman because she is not up to date with about 12 million pesos for the concept of regalia, and for other themes. This is what we say:

-¿Hay advance in the heresy of José José?

“I’m surprised by a huge advance in the jury due to the heresy of José José (qepd), which in these two cases is to conclude the fourth and final stage of the jury. Now solo the addition and partition of the bienes. “Anel is happy, and his eyes are full and he recovers.”

-¿Which diner did you recycle?

After the death of José José, by part of ANDI (National Association of Interpreters), Marysol and José Joel recreate up to 70 million pesos, torn apart; Anel does not recycle because he does not establish a sample in the beneficiary card, and not all of them are Pepe and Marysol. For part of the ANDA (National Association of Actors), all of which retrieve other 70 miles

pesos, pero the most important song is what Sony Music’s’s ultimate record’s José José’s record ”.

– eDo you have any other diners here?

“Between 12 million pesos. Anel is happy because the import is able to recover dinero effectively, without complicating the screw with juices and abogados pay ”.

-Pelers for EU properties?

“I’m surprised that with this diner the services of a legal buffet to reclaim Miami’s properties and revoke the Key Biscayne department store window, but Sara Salazar’s gain more than 10 million pesos, and the Homestead house ( donde vive Sarita con su esposo), la cual tiene un valor superior to ocho millione de pesos ”.

José Joel y Marysol Sosa peleados por la herencia de José José

-¿Y qué hará Anel?

“Le recomendaron pelear, pero Anel no quiere gastar un solo peso en abogados; do you know what to look for in your home or department, why not go to the department, but Jose Joel and Marysol have other things to pay for in the United States, and a destination in the center that they are involved in something, because they investigate the welding process and it is charismatic ”.

– eDo you have any other diners here?

“Only to start a fair in Miami, you have to deposit about 100 miles at the buffet, and the payday, or very cheap, 30 miles per hour of service. The number of times the stipula the despacho and the trabajen or not, even if it is in the acuerdo, but this is not the case “.

José Joel y Marysol Sosa peleados por la herencia de José José

-On the YouTube channel that is managed by Sergio Mayer, where does it go?

“Tampoco van hacer nada por recovered the YouTube channel that is currently registered by Sergio Mayer, Anel does not have to pay a penny to hack an inventory of bienes. Aunque Sergio registers the channel to monetize the way of his image, in reality, but he is not able to compete ”.

-¿Por qué?
“Because the contents are not permissible; in any case, the rules for the composers, for the disc (Sony Music) as editor, because Anel does not have any motions about the theme, but it seems that it can not be used as a diner, but some that generate original content ”.

-On the diner of the regalia for your music, how do you replay the dinero?
“Of the 12 million who recite, the method of the basic regalia is for Anel, and the other method is the division between Jose and Marysol, except that Pepe recites more percentages; no me preguntes por qué, pero así lo quiso Anel, y obvio, sembró discordia entre ellos, por eso Marysol no les habla ”.

José Joel y Marysol Sosa peleados por la herencia de José José

-¿Entonces you are excited about this theme?

“Yes, there are distances from each other more than half an hour, but only due to Anel’s decision that José Joel is more likely to reconsider, both sides of the problem, because Anel and José Joel have no vacancies against COVID-19.”

-¿Y ella decidió dejar de verlos?

“Sí; enduring the pandemic, the pope of Xavier, the expedition of Marysol, is the medicine, and the gods who for some reason motivated to recreate in their own house conquered with the elos, but not surprised that those who pushed in a row from one account to another , about all, a Marysol ”.

José Joel y Marysol Sosa peleados por la herencia de José José

-What about whom?

“Marysol no goza de la mejor salud, tanto por su sobrepeso, como por el cancer que sufrió hace muchos agos … digamos que’s a person with comorbilidades. Pero también hay otra razón de su distanciamiento … ”.


“Other than that Marysol is sentimental with her brother, it’s because the south choke and enslave the idea of ​​grabbing the papacy in the Mexican regional general. Si se acuerdan, en 2020, Marysol lanzó junto a Edwin Luna, de La Trakalosa, el tema ‘Vamos a darnos tiempo’ ”.

– áY cuál es su enojo con José Joel?

“As for the principles of 2021, José Joel’s accusing the idea of ​​grabbing the pope’s themes with band singers, like Julio Preciado and Pancho Barraza. “It must be said that the media outlet that Marysol commented on hacking the topic was published by José Joel, who, like her or not, has more to do with her sister.”

José Joel y Marysol Sosa peleados por la herencia de José José

-Qué mal; ¿Y nadie did you intentionally resolve your differences?
“Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

-¿Which is your reference?

“There is no possibility that Sarita will take the will and leave it as part of the rules, in futures, but not at the same time as José Joel and Marysol recite the diner part of the disc.”

-¿Ya hay ningún otro testamento?

“It simply came to our notice then. It agotaron all las instancias, por eso está por concluir el juicio ”.

-Entonces, ¿Sarita y su mamá ya no pueden impugnar?
“There is the possibility that Saras will be beaten by the regalia, but it is the same as the Sosa Noreña family: they have no diner to pay juices; además that hay to record that Sarita hizo an intentionally but legally with their properties in Miami. Creo que ambas familias les conviene, por así decirlo, cada kuien con su golpe. Pero bueno, con Sarita nunca se sabe, todo puede pasar ”, concluyó.

José Joel y Marysol Sosa peleados por la herencia de José José


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