José Rodríguez Santana, a doctor who regularly sees a lot of people

The fact that José Rodríguez hails from technology, based on his knowledge, has allowed many pediatric patients to see life and healthy breathing.

Dr. José Rodríguez Santana, pediatric neurologist. Photo: Journal of Medicine and Public Health. Marta Vélez.

Origin of the pueblo de CaguasPuerto Rico, el doctor José Rodríguez Santana, pediatric neumologyit’s dedicated to infant salutation at the very end of regulating a good caliber of screws to infants and, at best, whether it is hacked with little or no invasive techniques.

From studying biology and natural sciences at the University of Puerto Rico, Rodríguez discovered that he was a vocalist in the field of medicine, as he studied at the Pedro Henríquez Ureña University in the Dominican Republic; specializing in pediatrics course in Puerto Rico. You are interested in orienting the critical pediatric ward and breathing apparatus.

Evolution of asthma at the scientific level

Rodríguez said that the patient’s maneuver with asthma conditioning is very rudimentary in form, with all the sophistication that comes with being up-to-date, which represents a retro to the galeno congregation.

Previously, there were other pathologies that were not present at the time of the advancement of science. “The nurses have a lot of variation due to the intervention that is being carried out, with the technology”, indicates the specialist, who uses the first computer system in the hospital, which is left to program. “More than the pathology, the treatment is different from that of these patients”, the reflection.

Algo parecido ocurrió en el ërea de neumologi kundo comenzaron a usar la tecnologija. On the way, Rodríguez fired one of the drugs that dislodged one of the implanted machines to perform pulmonary function in infants. At the moment many places in the world use this type of technology and, thanks to Dr. José Rodríguez, many pediatric patients in Puerto Rico find it beneficial.

As it evolves into medical science, it can even be used by non-invasive practitioners such as, for example, to measure the oxygenation of a patient by taking a device in your hand.

Gran part of Rodríguez’s medical career has landed in the asthma camp. Since 2000 it has been conducting research projects, known as the genetic analysis of Latinos with asthma, the quality of the collaborative manner with the University of California, San Francisco and others. The interest of the study is that the population should be as high as possible, as long as it is exposed to this type of environment.

The asthma exists for miles, but has a high incidence, quasi-ionization due to the screw style. Industrialization, in particular, has multiple allergies. Tanto in the pass as now, the drug is taken in igual form, pero hoy se sabe, specifically from the age of 90, which is the most important medication to treat asthma is the steroid and bronchodilator treatment.

It should be noted that these patients who are currently undergoing clinical treatment are treated with steroids. All of these discouraging hicieron that patients ganaran buena calidad of screws.

Death by asthma, in Latin and Puerto Rican, was a major event that was described in the Caucasian race in Puerto Rico, including many other Hispanic denominations, such as the Mexicans.

The response to albuterol, in Mexican and Puerto Rican, was different. Puerto Ricans did not respond. This is why I think there is a genetic algae in the Puerto Rican population. Fueron estos los primers studios que esclarecieron muchas dudas sobre la conditionim astma.

Rodríguez and his team cultivate nasal cells and how they respond to viral infections to conceal the relationship between asthma and viral infections. Hoy día, ellos hacne a segimiento a los najos caz vez que se exone a viral infertility, esto lo hacen in specialized laboratories, analyzing solo los environmental factors, sino tambien genetically. You do not need to recruit invasive studios to treat your children.

Consciously observe a patient with cystic fibrosis, of which he or she lives with complications. Medications that require cost and security are not covered, as well as the insurers cover the studios that are American, but that the medical catalog is as barrier.

A condominium story in its record

Rodríguez did not leave the excitement and did not die. Find a patient who is in a variety of hospitals in the United States, at the point of discharge. When the patient is transferred to Puerto Rico, he is hospitalized, dependent on a mechanical ventilator, with a respiratory condition that the impediment returns to normal shape.

After a year, you know that there is no other alternative that you send to your house with a fan. All constructed a fan, on its own, unloaded by first with the heating system in the home for dependent persons. Eventually it progressed. Era uni niña, icanica hembra en un groupo famil e el que había solo varones, y hoy es ë mujer que vive bien y cuida de sus hermanos.

This is because Rodríguez reflects on the importation of brindar or access to all patients before they can take a long screw.