joven cuenta la “propuesta” que reciyó de vijaye per Israel

In 2014, Bernardita Pavani join the papacy, which is very creative, to make a pilgrimage to Israel. The journey, in turn, includes guided tours of cities such as Tel Aviv, Nazareth, Belén, Jerusalem and Rome, and the hiccups with the idea of ​​”walking the paths through which the transit of Jesus Christ”, while in the trajectory leaves a degrading surprise. In a market in Jerusalem, the mother offered 600 camels by God, which at the moment was only 17 years old.

The young people started collecting the theme on Twitter after Facebook recorded a post that had been made by them, while the family parted with their friends on the road pictures. “My family is catalyzed and the motive of the journey is a Catholic perennial. “Visitors to the Sagrados places for Catholicism are visited, but we only visit places more typical of Judaism and other places of Muslim culture,” he said. LA NACION. Describing everything from the success of the traumatic episode to the impact and the solitary confinement related to the family and the college, it is possible to record the situation in relation to an anthropological practice, which is why many tourists go to Ogun.

“Estaba con mi mamá y mi papá en Israel, donde visitamos varias ciudades. Ellos habían ido a Israel en 2012, les gustó mucho y volvieron [en 2014] y quisieron llevarme. Entonces, volvimos a ir y visitamos varias ciudades ”, siguió. The successful episode in the Jerusalem Market, in the Muslim part of the city of 17 years old, relates to the young man who is now 25 years old.

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With a picture of her and her friend minutes before the traumatic situation came to life, Bernardita tried to explain the context in which the confusing episode was being suggested. “El mercado es bastante angosto para caminar, y tiene bastantes puestos. “We agreed with my father and mother because there was a book of excursions and we decided to return parts to the non-Catholics of Jerusalem, but we were not allowed to enter the market at this time,” he continued. Joven explicitly that in these journeys like recommending to the women that no vayan solas a is the type of sites, además, that hacker el recorrido se haga con ropa holgada, mangas largas y que cubra todo el cuerpo. “At the moment I need a lot of calories, because I only have long, skinny pants,” he explained.

In an instant, your dad would be adept and you would just go with your mom in a local. “My dad’s adelante, yo estaba con mi mamie viendo distintos lugares. I wish I could see a puestito, in this way, when we were trying to find the world and the person who wanted the puppet with the aim of making a good bet. Ahí es bastante común que los hombres te miren todo el tiempo, sin filtro. The man who tried to get me out of the way, I like the guys and the effort to tell my mom: ‘How many camels for her? (¿Cuántos camellos por ella?) ”, Mi mamá no habla inglés. Mira y nos quedamos las dos impactadas porque el tipo me estaba agarrando del brazo y me tironeaba ”, reconstruyó.

The moment you turn every egg too busy for your mom and dad who do not want to establish it. “My mother has no contest and entones: ‘One hundred [100 camellos] and as my mother did not compete, she tried to cry: ‘Two hundred, three hundred, four hundred [200, 300, 400 camellos]. The aim is to subdue even if it finally says: ‘Six hundred’ [600 camellos] y empieza a gritar [otra vez]. ‘Six hundred camels for her [600 camellos por ella]’. Mi mamá me pregunta: ‘¿Qué está pasando Bernardita? Le dije: ‘Mamá, te está ofreciendo 600 camellos por mí’ ”, relató parte del episodio.

Durante ese instant in the one that takes its toll on the man’s silence, about 50 years old, aguardaba a respondent of your mom, relata, that which is stopped but which is established alive. “It simply came to our notice then. “I can not sleep very nervously, because the guy who followed me agarrando el brazo y mi mama estaba mirando toda is in a situation that does not end y y gritó a mi papá: ‘Ven'”, narró. After the tense moment of meeting the pope, he says that “no” and he quickly turns away from the place. “It simply came to our notice then. Yo me quedé mal, ¡Impactada! ”, Intentionally describing the situation.

“A trueque”

At the moment, Bernardita todavía establishes in the college and seóaló that al volver’s account of the professors, but in the classes of sociology as always that hablaba of cultural differences between the parts and ella trace and collection is exemplary. “Haya sido un chiste o no para mí era muy fuerte que me lo hagan. The company establishes concordance with the world and does not create a person who has a problem with it. If so, apart from dementia with what hacia, fue bastante feo. Quedé bastante impactada ”, says.

La joven, sostuvo, no sabia cómo reacionar ante esta situacón, porque no tenía herramientas para responder y se paralyzó. Durante el episodio, Bernardita intends to be treated as “a true”, even if it is only a choke, but it is all planted as an intermediate layer of a common comma between families.

“Para mí siendo tan chica eso me impactó tanto, porque es como ponerle unvalor e un persona, y cómo te lo ofrecen es fuerte”, agregó. In front of the Hague family traveling to Jericó, a city in the middle of the desert, where there are Bedouins [árabes nómadas], which acostumbran to hacer is the type of truths that consist in “the purchase of novelty”. The photo shared on Twitter Bernardita you just do not want to miss out on this wonderful opportunity. “I do not know. Estaba todo bien. They are supposed to share history, saying that in a mountain of places in the Orient. “Especially in Egypt, pero yo ahí no fui”, added.

On the other hand, the young aclaró that is not to be found with a theme of Israel, sino that has in different paces, or that on other cultural tracing “the geographical”. Explain that “the journey to Israel is beautiful”, and that the situation is not opaque but that it lives during the pilgrimage to the one who invites the pope.

“It’s good to express distinct cultures in order that the world that rodea is distant to what we are acostumbrados. It’s a fire, it’s an anecdote, but it’s a very cultural way to the age that is lonely. Aprendí un montón. Está bueno viajar y salir, acompañada. It has not been canceled in Israel since it was recorded, ”he said.

At the same time, young people are involved in feminist debates and there are many who comment on the gentile comments in Argentina that “there is no sentiment on feminists”, but there are some that do not exist. “Hay que ver la pantalla padia, por me si pasó esta situacë mí implicit que les pasan un monton de cosas todos los d aas a la mujeres, y hay que trabajar para cambiarlo”, finalizó.

A cultural quest

It is safe to assume that the “interchangeable camel movement of women” is the sole treatment of a tissue used to transduce them. Some people say that businesses “pegan as abrojos and their potential compradors” and intentionally “like sympathetic and close to the client have a prepared scene” that includes the months that accompany the family. The vendors, “juegan” and cambiárselas and their novices but many camels, like a dote, who in reality are attracted to men.

The fact that the purchase or sale of the novelty is an anthropological costume that hacked into the family of the novelty and the novelty with the intention of performing a matrimony and keeping the patrimony of a house. It is said that as a consequence of this there is no truth or interchange, the wife has to consider as “a property” for her husband and her family, but because in some cases, inclusive, can be an object of revenge. This type of situation is uncomfortable for those who experiment with the frequency of tourists traveling through the parts of the Middle East who have a very relaxed culture.

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