Justin Fashanu, the first gay footballer to commit suicide by a mentorMediotiempo

If the world does not have prejudices and harassment the members of the community homosexual, imagines that the wind is 50 years old. For all of the 70’s there is an English dictionary that reads for great numbers, number Justin Fashanu, a black racial footballer cuya vida terminó trigigamente por a public accusation that result is false and that hasta a hermano hizo dudar de su inocencia.

It is 2022, in England fue noticia que el joven Jake Daniels declares abectively his homosexuality, having the first jugador since 1990 in hacerlo in Gran Bretaña. ¿Sabes quen fue su predesesor? Yes, Justin Fashanuwho squirm in the balloon scene apenas with 17 years in the club Norwich Citydue to the location of its reflectors which are covered by scorched and tragic stoves.

Where is Justin Fashanu?

Hijo of African Immigrants, Justin Fashanu born February 19, 1961 in London, Pero quedó huérfano in the same way the separation of their pads, which are a student of the degree and a nurse of Guayana Britannica. Sin sus padres a temprana edad, Justin y su hermano John terminaron en un orfanato has been adopted by a Norfolk family, England.

In a society marred by racism and prejudice, being one of the racially gay and homosexual raceswhich calibrates your preferences to compress the screw and act in a prime instance hacerlo a golpes. Justin joins the box at the age of 14but at the same time the wind blows on the opportunity that the tree of fame and fortune does, even though it originally fell on its head.

Casadalentos l reclutó para unas prouebas con el Norwich City y así comenzó su andar por los campos de football. Debuted in 1978 with 17 years and is rapidly convincing on the team star; de hecho, fue llamado a la Selection of England Sub-21 y hasta gani el premio a Major Goal of the Temporada in 1980 for one thing to convince the todopoderoso Liverpool.

The Nottingham Forest league and an associate trainer

Professional meteor as well as well in the Nottingham Forestque in 2022 he won the Premier League more than a dozen, but in the 80’s most respected in the United Kingdom because of the UEFA Champions League win. En 1981 hizo historia al converti en the first black jugger in a transfer for a million pounds.

Brian Clough was the trainer and where is the -relationships- le hizo la vida imposible a Fashanu al sospechar que era gay and discover their nocturnal souls and homosexual clubs. Computers are excluded, to the extent that they do not form a team with one of the interested parties. Agobiado y desolado, Justin was released from a potty in Nottingham.

It was located in Southampton, then located in Notts County and al Brighton & Hove Albion, club that rescues the contract for a rodent leash of which jam is fully recovered. With all the benefits of being active in the United States and Canada, as a footballer you establish yourself in the air.

Justin Fashanu’s death by suicide

In 1990, Justin Fashanu was declared gay in Gran Bretaña in an interview with hizo º. “The star of the millionth book you read: ‘Soy gay'”the title of the article in which it relates to a relationship with a member of the English Parliament and including affirmation that the “important factor” is in the screw that the other offer to reveal its preferences.

In the past tense they are just that su hermano, John Fashanu, le había pagado 75 mil liras con tal de que no dijera que era gay. John prophesies that he confesses, qualifies, or pretends to be “a monster to Justin” because of the fact that his sexual orientation.

Justin valentine de decirle al mundo quién era lo lvvaría a la muerte. In March 1998, a minor was charged with having sexual intercourse trace conocerlo in a nocturno center. Leading the police with an arrest warrant, Fashanu did not establish a home.

But more than one hour the time that Justin Fashanu “desapareció” including for the most part, as far as May 2, 1998with a total of 37 years from age, fue encontrado ahorcado in a station and place on the body following the note of the expedition.

“I do not know what to say about it. It does not matter what my family or friends’ concerns are. I hope that Jesus, who loves me, is welcome; in the end the paz que nunca tuve was found “, as jamás se probara culpabilidad.


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