Kate Bush, the enigmatic singer who flies and triumphs over 40 years of grace in the “Stranger Things” series

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Kate Bush giving a live show on her television show
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In the picture, Kate Bush offers a live-action actuation in 1978. More than a dozen decapitated singers flew to sail miles on the Netflix frontline.

Their work combines English mysticism with a British taste for absurd humor.

“¿Why is the gentleman so interested in me as a solo artist to have an album of eggs in a cage?” .

Pero, ahora, la serocida serie Stranger Thingsyou want to focus on the foci as soon as you can Running Up That Hillreleased in 1985, appraising a variety of chapters of the kind of time Netflix is ​​currently performing.

The exit is still listed as number 1 on the list of excitement in the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Australia, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Austria.

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