Katie Taylor retiene titled ante Amanda Serrano per división dividida

NUEVA YORK – The second half of the game between Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano parades in the middle of the ring, without worrying about supporting her face, posture or quality other hair. The manos are constantly launching from two lanes, one tray another, another trail.

Serrano estaba sangrando alrededor de su ojo. Taylor sangrando alrededor de su nariz. The largest denomination in the history of the female box is the denomination of the height of the expectant masses, and of the three largest generators of its generation hiccups all that is possible before the terminal is terminated in some terms.

The final victory for the 97-93, 96-93, 93-97 parade for Taylor over Serrano in the iconic Madison Square Garden in New York with Taylor claiming his unbeaten streak of champions.

Tras la decisón, Taylor (21-0, 6 KO) establishes pie over the rings of the ring, with an Irish flag on the mangroves and the egg that the multitude rugged, culminating in a folded sheet.

Taylor pareció decirle a Serrano: “Qué pelea”, when he finds himself in the ring following the pelea. And Taylor dealt with the option of a second possible file between the files, an easy hacking argument, considering the fire that exploded in the grass, as well as the multicolored bulb of the Garden that did not allow much animation to escape the final camp.

After the fight, Taylor’s promoter, Eddie Hearn, suggested that he take a revenge trip to Ireland, while Taylor has now been hailed as a professional.

Combined terms with a round decimeter that sums up as much as part of the fleece: action of flight and flight in which the rope of the pedestrians is only a short distance from the ashtray to another. In a slew of contradictory styles, each luchadora demonstrates strong currents that are considered by most of the world’s greatest peladoors.

Serrano (41-2-1, 30 KOs) was the most dominant player in the quintet, reaching Taylor and scoring goals, singing Taylor’s narcissist. Taylor luchó para salir de la esquina y se paró golpe por golpe con Serrano, con la boricua akterrizando m incs inclusos entonces.

Between the ages of 10 and more, Taylor connects to more than one goal in the octave, even though it has a rhythmic, lenticular, and convoluted rhythm in a contraband exhibit.

An MSG has been reading “¡Katie! ¡Katie!” stand in the novel to animate the invisible and indiscriminate champion of the pound, and Serrano who responds equally, persuading Taylor to end the second half of the asalt.

If you are wondering about the impact of the Taylor-Serrano fleet, consider this: The Garden has been completed completely, with a total of 19,187 passengers on board each of its own, as well as the Oasis’s song “Sweet” Caroline “penetraban en todo el cuenco. Whenever Taylor or Serrano appear on the big boot, it will eventually take over the front of the main body, all the way into the arena.

There is an atmosphere that rivals a European football match of high level with a multitude of fiesta of an eventful stadium event. El Garden, coordinator in his windows, stalls commanding Serrano salió with his promoter, Jake Paul, detraás ella. Paul’s influence on what the boxers’s place to play is a point: a two-digit paycheck in a complete Garden.

Taylor’s salon has a little more tranquility, with the girls having children and its promoter, Eddie Hearn, having children. Irish flags are set in all directions, and the Garden is illuminated in green for its length. Taylor comenzó a mirr alrededor de la multitude. When a small partition and determination occurs in its rosette. A fan arrives at an Irish flag in Taylor. Hearn the recogió and see the echo over the hombros.

Taylor and Serrano were pressured by this and that. Habían esperado años – in the case of Serrano, all a carrera – for a scenario and a moment as it is.

Assisting variations of sports luminaires, including young junior champions Alycia Baumgardner and Mikaela Mayer; the champions of multiple divisions Claressa Shields and Seniesa Estrada; and the titular director of the welterweight, Jessica McCaskill.


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