Kendrick Lamar surrendered to his regression with a deepfake video that transformed into OJ Simpson, Kanye West and Will Smith

In the song The Heart Part 5 Kendrik Lamar uses the Deep Fake technology to express the perspective of black men, icons of the culture envilded in scandal.

Kendrick Lamar has chosen. After a few years of launching a new and five-year-old DAMN album, which was presented as the first rapper to win a Pulitzer Prize, originally from Compton, California, take a video on what uses deepfake technology to count, from the perspective of iconic black black men, like the culture of Negra America inside in the life of the African American Americans, reciting injustices and social structures designed for the oppressed.

Lamar’s sign is the quintessential entry in the “The Heart” saga, originally released in 2010, which precedes the launch of its long-distance sequence, although it is rarely singled out with its musical presentation and album lyrics. anuncia.

At the moment encarna al actor Jussie Smollett.
At the moment encarna al actor Jussie Smollett.

In “The Heart Part 5 ″, the 34-year-old rapper did not abandon his line of different pragmatists, claiming to expose the contradictions of” black culture “in United States, arguing how many generations of institutionalized racism have affected the afro communities of the country.

“In the land where hurt people hurt more people / Fuck calling it culture” (“In the land where the herdsmen are hierarchical to more people / A la minda lalamándolo cultura”), rapea Kendrick with a visceral honesty that does not have on the table only the normalization of violence through part of the State among African American props.

One of the most controversial apparitions is OJ Simpson.
One of the most controversial apparitions is OJ Simpson.

Kendrick goes so far as to replace the form in which he writes and paints “Black America”, satirizing its complexities, social problems and constancy.

“Somebody called, said your lil ‘nephew was shot down, the culture’s involved” (“Alguien llamó, dijo que tu pequeño sobrino fue derribado, the culture is involved”), critically and sarcastically in other lines.

For the second version, the video that accompanies the song, the masterpiece of a Kendrick Lamar with a white shirt and a black palette on the front raped in a red background, comedy and implementation of deepfake to transform the famous Compton rapper black men who are criticized for their actions, in a controversial way that results in empathy that distills the artist into every one of his rhymes. For example, a quote: “I am. All of us ” (“Yo soy. Todos nosotros”); comment on the video.

Kendrick Lamar with the cara de Kobe Bryant
Kendrick Lamar with the cara de Kobe Bryant

The first transformation is in OJ Simpson, the infamous star of American Football who accuses his family of assimilation into a controversial and iconic case that’s totally divisive into a stagnant society.

“I said I’d do this for my culture. To let y’all know what a nigga look like in a bulletproof Rover ” (“I know that joy is due to my culture. Before that, all but one black in a Rover is a balloon”), says Kendrik with the Simpson cara.

Luego, en verso donde habla sobre el trastorno bipolar, muta de nuevo y toma el rostro del también rapero Kanye West. He then adopted Will Smith’s car to make reference to the Oscar ceremony at which the actor plays the comedian Chris Rock. repeating the phrase “Look what I did for you” (“Mira lo que hice por ti”).

Will Will's song repeats the line of the body that goes:
Will Will’s song repeats the line of the body that goes: “Look what I did for you” (“Mira lo que hice por ti”).

The video clip Lamar was intermittently placed with the actor Jussie Smollett, due to the need to invent a homophobic orphan, the Lakers star diffusion, Kobe Bryant, who starred live in a minor sexual abuse scandal, by Nipsey Hussle, a Los Angeles-themed rapper shot in 2019.

About this ultimately there is an emphasis. Refer to the track that causes it to start at the start of the track, with a line that goes: “Sam, I’ll be watching over you” (Sam, te estaré cuidando ”), la cual parece aludir al hermano mayor de Hussle.

Cuando habla sobre transtorno bipolar se transforma en Kanye West.
Cuando habla sobre transtorno bipolar se transforma en Kanye West.

In the final version, Kendrick adopts Hussle’s dif- ferent perspective, affirming that he is in the sky, using his assembled and hammered with satisfaction about what he does when he establishes life. Artistic decency, which somehow catalyzed as emotionally manipulative or ethical, is contained in the respect and admiration that Compton’s rap is expressed by its diffuse counterpart. Además, the opposite is true of the discourse of a rap that is dedicated to mastering the pursuit of regeneration projects and commercial opportunities.

You can not help the world until you help yourself ” (“You can not listen to the world even if you listen to it”), says Lamar as Hussle, a phrase that corresponds perfectly to the artist’s credentials.

Typically personalized rapper Nipsey Hussle, who shot tires in 2019.
Typically featured rapper Nipsey Hussle, who will be shooting in 2019.

Ultimately, this new sign from Kendrick Lamar is one that is more consolidated than rap in its current status, which is shared with historical exponents of the genre. On the other hand, Kendrick did not solo build his “Heart” series, and added new elements to a narrative of resilience, resilience, and resilience, all of which were influenced by the “black culture” that tends to critique time and time again. which prepares the fireplace for which it is green Mr. Morale and the Big Steppers, you are waiting for a studio album.


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