Kim Jong Un moving from the ground up by covid-19

(CNN) – The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, moved from the air to respond to the first batch of covid-19 officially reconnected in the country, intending to use the nation to overcome what the state media has described as a ”.

As far as news is concerned, all cities are young, only inside it is empty and it is dominated by the night it registers other 392,920 new cases of “fiber” and it’s dead, it’s information that the KCNA static media is running, only 19 as the cause of death.

It raises the total number of informed cases to 1.2 million, with more than 648,000 recovered and a total of 50 dead. With the embargo, many experts are skeptical of the official figures, and it turns out that less than 25 million people living in the library are still suffering from a virus that has infected millions of people worldwide.

In a reunion of emergence of other functional functions is dominated, Kim knows that medicines disproportionate to the State are not established by the timing of the persons and works of the pharmacies. Criticism of the functionaries by “not adequately reconciling the current crisis, only solo news about the devotionally serving spirit to the gent”, said KCNA.

Criticism of the cabinet and its public health functionaries for “irresponsible work” and mala “organization and execution”, and accusing the director of the central fiscal office of “holgura y negligencia en su deber”, informs KCNA.

Kim ordered the doctors from Egercito who are working to “establish the immediate supply of medicines in the city of Pyongyang”, the KCNA, and discuss the forms of guaranteeing hygiene in pharmacies.

During the search, Kim visited pharmacies in the capital, where she had access to medication.

Durante the end of the week, the static television of the country transmits imagery of medical workers rotating hot vacancies. An interview with a physician who advises covid patients taking medications such as paracetamol and ibuprofen, and traditional Korean medicine such as Cheongsimhwan, a formulation with hierbas variations, has been made public.

A ship of covid-19 sailed as a result of disarmament to North Korea, with its medical attenuation infrastructure in ruins, the crew of the test crew and a granular part being vacant.

It does not matter if North Korea has imported any vaccine against coronavirus, as it is eligible for the global covid-19 vaccine exchange program, Covax. Following the news, in February, Covax reduced the number of dossiers assigned to North Korea because the country did not organize any, according to Reuters.

Given the natural opacity of the regime and the Islamization of the world, which has not been heard since the pandemic was created, it is extremely different from the real situation on the ground.

Going to Seoul, Korea, Sur, good news information on television about Covid-19 ship in North Korea on May 14th.

Going to Seoul, Korea, Sur, good news information on television about Covid-19 ship in North Korea on May 14th.

Corea del Sur offers assistance on Mondays, although it is not clear if Pyongyang receives the aid.

“We must not shy away from providing assistance to the people of North Korea, who are exposed to the coronavirus’s amnesty,” said the orthodox president of Sur, Yoon Suk Yeol, who has given the most discourse about the presumption in the legislature.

“We accept the Norwegian authorities, but we do not expect any wrongdoing, such as medicines, including vaccinations against covid-19, medical and personal medical atheist teams,” he said, adding that the offer is independent of the military.

The Minister of External Relations of Korea’s Sur is said to have seen that the debate over the humanitarian aid to North Korea had a lasting effect on its esteemed counterpart.

The Ministry of Unification of Korea’s Sur said that North Korea had been notified of the offer and that it was working for the office of the interconnected conjunction. The formal card includes the offer of medical staff, vaccinators, mascaras and test kits, as well as an offer of “job level conversions” between the two countries, according to the ministry. North Korea has not responded to feedback, aggregate.

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