La Jornada – AMLO, head office for sobrangement of AL: Boaventura

City of Mexico. Boaventura de Souza Santos, the prestigious Portuguese sociologist, attisba among the fissures of the potential crisis and advised that hay conditions to create a regional integration that does not pass by the United States, pero that not quite the ojos of China, and mantenga el Mexico, in a process of transformation that is perfect.

He explicitly states: “The president (Andrés Manuel) López Obrador, who was shocked by his great acceptance, his post on the Cumberland of America, is not visible. Al país m fs fuerte y poderoso le dice, con legitimidad, que no assistance e evento si no invitan a Cuba y Venezuela.

“Mexico does not have the strength to resist the sanctions, it does not, and it does not count on the progress of the region – like Lula Ghana in Brazil, and Alberto Fernández acting in Argentina,” he said. with Gabriel Boric in Chile and Gustavo Petro and France Márquez in Colombia, to gain influence to negotiate the terms of their relationship with the United States, as well as the lasso with China.

“Mira, Mexico is with Lopez Obrador, but it follows a tradition of autonomy that is yours, and that is abandoned. Now as an ante, López Obrador defying in Cuba. Mexico’s tenor is a nationalist-regionalist leader who lives alone on the continent and who recovers with López Obrador and who does not have to go through porcelain, even though he is still alive, even though we can imagine, but he has a lot of impulse power now y otros más pequeños, que si tienen a AMLO de su lado, tienen otra autoridad para hablar.

“This is necessary because we are in a political exchange process that can actually transform the world at a regional level. Expectation from this continent has not faded, the goal against Evo in 2019, and I hope it will go down well, but it is very important that the President of Mexico mantenga su line.

“Para eso no debe separarse del pueblo. They have the potential to be realized in the field of Morena’s social groups. “No radical, no matter what the social policies, no respect for the people, no sacrifice for the megaprojects of the reality of the people, no emphasis on participatory democracy, it’s important, it can not be curtained.”

De Souza Santos, assassinated in Mexican politics, turned to Morena and said: opta por infiltrate a Morena y destruirla desde dendro, esa táctica de la derech se ha ejecutado desde semempre en todo el continent, entonces es necesario proteger is regimen e un tentacija que venga la la derecha.

“AMLO has what it takes to lead, repulsed by the caricature that the leader has. “Whoever agonizes and exercises autonomy against the empire, and must seek to assassinate his bases.”

The “moment when Latin America is not negotiating, and then capturing the moment of autonomy, is part of the sovereignty that can gain rivalry between the United States and China, create a new system of non-aligned, or sea ​​mantener an alternative, esa is my expectation at this moment and piano that Lopez Obrador is fundamental to mantenerla, no hay que negarlo de ninguna manera ”.

Souza’s boaventure seeks hechos and razons to create a red line of ideas that hack pens on different horizons wherever he lives, and responds to the incognito that there is a sufficiently economical force to create a block with influence in the world economy.

“Even more so than Latin America, in the forefront of progressive, deindustrialisation, there are many industries out there. It takes all the process to create dependency, but the conditions of the exchange and the units, the parts of what it’s all about, tend to force it to create a front, all the while the empire is debilitated.

“United States is defined by its external amenities, but not by its internal amenas. Being one with the other with military weapons against the superpowers, in the shopping, in the schools. It is an undertaking society, from a point of view of ethics, not a model for our sisters. It is a society that is morally and effectively collapsing from the teeth. There are no Islamic terrorists, the terrorism of a young 18-year-old who weighs his colleagues in the school. “It’s dead, it’s more dead than in Syria.”

Tragic optimist

The professor from the University of Coimbra in Portugal, founder of the World Social Forum, the alternative to the most influential in the world of Davos, and one of the most influential companies in the world of political sociology, declared himself a “tragic optimist”, express in your declarations.

“Hay cosas que resultan promisorias, pero hay otras que son precupantes. I feel that we are in a period of globalization, or sea, we are accredited that globalization was irreversible when the World Social Forum was created in 2001, although we are not in a period of protectionism, of sanctions. “Well, at the moment there are more than 30 economic sanctions that limit the validity of the free trade, for example.”

–The empire’s stupidity has been converted into a common place. Pero hoy, ¿hay lugar para las hegemonías? ¿Hay fund solutions?

–The hegemony of a global regime of global capitalism, traversed by the stages that dominate the system. From the age of 80, 90, esa hegemony is dislocated by the way to go because neoliberalism is launched and a war against the State, privatization, denationalization, and the State is centralized, not as a query, but or protection, limit control of capitalism, sino para salvarlo. Entones have a hegemony of capitalism, global finance, but a ladder, but China’s intention of a global economic and commercial hegemony, but not globalization in the financial system.

“This war that is going on, Miguel, is not a war between Russia and the United States, it is a war between the United States and China. Russia is an ally of the United States, but because China avoids expanding to the northern front. “

Explica: “Neoliberalism is in crisis, not from the pandemic, not from the ante, not from the financial crisis of 2008, because the pandemic erupts because the State is corrupt, and only the mercantile era is the most rationalizing of the life, because in the pandemic the population does not search for money in the markets, the state, and only the State does not establish itself because the system of health is unfinished, the economy is privatized, the world has little money and no establishment prepared. “I have an emergency at the gent and with the State”.

The interview and Boaventura de Souza affirm that Latin America has more conditions than Europe to face the crisis. “Europe has no natural resources, such as Russia and Ukraine, and the United States, Qatar, and Latin America have a lot of natural resources, but they are controlled by the fact that these ‘cumbres’ are controlled by natural resources and to impose that China is continental with the paper that plays in some countries like Brazil, like Argentina or Central America, where great candidacies are invoked ”.

Por ahora, the author of The future comedy now: from pandemic to utopia confirmation: “We are in a political process of exchanges that can transform the world” with the leadership in Latin America from Mexico that can not be curtailed, as it were, as Boaventura says, “series lo peor”.


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