La Jornada – Argentina launches against OEA and BID in the number of 32 countries

Los Angeles. The President of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, fortunately criticized the exclusion of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua from the novel Cumbre of the Americas, and called for the restructuring of the Organization of American States (OEA), “removing the mediated by” .

The critics and those who are the prime minister of Belice, John Briceño, and the president Joe Biden, answered: It does not specify what “substantial sound” is.

As you travel from the United States, Fernández is one of the leaders in the Latin American and Caribbean Communities (Celac), integrating 32 parts of what it claims to be an independent nation.

“We are definitely happy with the American Cumberland. The silence of the adjutants does not interrupt (…) the sound of the serpent opening the door without opening the capacity to impose the door of the administration ”, pronounced during the first plenary session of the governors.

“Dialogue in diversity is the best instrument for promoting democracy,” Fernóndez said, referring to the “blockade” that has been going on for more than a decade against Cuba, and considering a similar situation against Venezuela.

To show that “the OEA has been used as a gendarme to facilitate a goal in the State of Bolivia”, Fern pndez said “reconstruct institutions that are considered pens” for integration.

“The OEA, if it wants to respect and follow the regional policy platform before the crisis, must be restructured, remove the mediators and lead the way,” said Luis Almagro. , which is also found in Mexico.

Fern tamndez also completed the introduction to Desarrollo International Bank (BID). “They have rejected the BID conduction, which has historically been in Latin American manuscripts,” he said.

The Argentine mandate is that it does not need a “capitalization process for more or less median financing” in the organism, and it claims that the regional derailment bank, like most demos, has the power to govern Latin America and its allies. Caribe ”.

Latin America and the Caribbean say “the pandemic is the worst in the world”, and the phrase “the weight of the foreign currency is above 77 per cent of gross regional product”.

However, John Briceño, Prime Minister of Belize, criticized the decision of the United States to exclude members of the hemispherical reunion as well as the persistent blockade of Cuba.

Biden deliberately presents a unifying vision for the western and western hemispheres that “I do not agree with the fact that the region can not be more progressive, more democratic, more presumptuous, more pacifist and more secure.” unlimited potential ”.

Horses ago, Biden insta the leading national estates learn to adjust and plan their economic association plan with Latin America respecting the median environment.

By intervening in a patronage conference by the United States Commerce Chamber in Los Angeles, we abide by the inversion of the continent economies in order to estimate the recurrence of the pandemic and to pass through the causal path pa .s.

The declaration of concentration

Transfer leaders who assist in emitting volume to communicate in order to compress record media to slow down document migration and increase the number of clocks that move in a number of offshoots and fronts.

The document includes the commutation of work to convince the banks and banks that they review their financial instruments for the assets that they acquire and the migrants, as well as for maintaining the access of the estates to the public and private services. Enumerate the prominences of the parts of the hemisphere of the work junctions to impede regional cooperation in the matter of security, the exchange of information and the regimes of visas, at a time when it is intentional to refill and amplify the opportunity.

The mandate stands as the middle ground between local and international countries, as well as China’s current presence in Latin American countries.

Biden refreshes himself gently at the Asian giant: the inversion of infrastructure that offers long-term advances to occupants and families ”.

Functional functions have been accurately charged in China of pulsating currents in the world in desarrollo with conditions for loading the socios with deudas away from the road.

In parallel with the chamber, an empirical incentive aimed at reproducing the economically regional lasos to recover the chains of the Asian ministers from Asia to avoid interruptions.

In a dilemma of diplomacy, Biden met with the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, and accepted a visit to the country next door.

However, for the first time, a formal incentive with the Brazilian, Jair Bolsonaro, a climate change ascetic, the South American mandate that only sent “amenazados” to the sovereignty “through the Amazon” and assured that that de j is su goberno lo hará “de forma democratica”.

Vice President Kamala Harris reunites with Caribe leaders for energy bubbles.

Student and dissident activists in the region are gathering around the Los Angeles Convention Center to promote their cause.

The student organization Code Pink protested against the exclusion of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, and passed the bill.


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