La Jornada – EU: lists, 3 mil 200 mdd for the CA migration plan

New York. On the second day of the Cumberland of America, the goblin’s grief finally presented a list of participants in which it was revealed that the 23-year-old state’s presence was under way when President Joe Biden announced the inauguration ceremony in Los Angeles. places that Cuba are among the most present countries in the country.

The inaugural ceremony is scheduled for the next day, with the arrangement of the program of plenary sessions and reunions between the invited mandates or their representatives who are still present. Mantras tanto, estos dos primeros dias dasionaron in foros parallel officiali diverse representing civil society, empresarial sector and jóvenes, which present their recommendations in the final stage of this week.

Vice President Kamala Harris announces marriage, in the marquee, which’s earning more than $ 1.9 million in new private sector compromises for the benefit that it launches in July to generate opportunity north Central America –Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras– as part of Biden’s goblin strategy to address the “fundamental causes” of migration. By the way, the total of the compromises now amount to more than 3.2 million million dollars.

Participation or not of different mandates is a kind of exercise. Because they do not present their mandates just the three Central American countries where Harris is pushing for the initiative. The presidents of Honduras, Xiomara Castro, and Alejandro Giammattei, of Guatemala, have indicated that they do not live in Los Angeles. El Salvador’s Nayib Bukele does not appear on the official list, only for children.

Other countries that are not represented by their mandates, except for their representatives and other official representatives in Mexico, Bolivia, Granada and Saint Kitts and Nevis. But the three men, led by Honduras, cite the exclusivity of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua as the main reason for not participating in the elections.

For the second time, and as it continues throughout the week, Cuba establishes its presence at the beginning of its official year.

The State Assistant Secretary for the Occupational Hemisphere, Brian Nichols, denounced on Twitter that “we share the actions of Cuba’s government that assists it participates in Cuban civil society and the government. We do not invite the non-democratic Cuban actors to the creations that are vital as they represent the governors ”of the island.

Pero Nichols does not think that the Department of State’s in any of these places has seen a delegation of 23 Cubans who have been invited to participate in the Cumbre of Pueblos, the alternative being that the initiative is in parallel with a circle participation of progressive organizations and movements from all over the hemisphere. (

The Department of State insists it is false that it denies visas, as it is the result of “extremely limited constructions” in the embassy in La Habana and that its solicitations are only hacking into an embassy or consulting firm in Cuba.

On the other hand, Nichols received an announcement that he was reunited with the artist from the island of Yotuel in the room, and affirmed that the United States or the Cuban aqueducts that claim “patria and life”.

Officials did not respond to statements from various participants, including members of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López, who did not want to leave Cuba among other countries, including President George W. Bush. The lunar duration was a visit to Canada before traveling to Los Angeles – and the Argentine counterpart Alberto Fernández, among others.

Algunos estadunidenses politicians continue attacking leaders who criticize the gobernier estadunidense but do not invade Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

After his Cuban counterpart, Senator Robert Menendez, agreed with Lopez Obrador’s decision to personally assist the roommate, Republican Sen. Marco Rubio tweeted that “I am very grateful that the Mexican president has joined the regions. país a los cárteles of drugs and is an apologist for a tyrant in Cuba, an Assyrian dictator in Nicaragua and a drug dealer in Venezuela, not being in the United States is this week ”.

El segundo día

In its initial activities, Casa Blanca is destined to “promote democratic values ​​and even bellows” as well as one of its hemispherical clusters, which in this new edition is being promoted to take the “initiative-leading” initiative. information provided by the Department of State and the United States Agency for Desarrollo (USA, for example) inverted more than $ 477 million to support democracy, human rights and the fight against corruption in the hemisphere occidental.

It is also possible to hold other official events in parallel, or with the participation of members of the governing representatives. The Secretary of the State, Antony Blinken; Vice President Harris and other well-functioning officials participate in academic forums or centers of reflection that are carried out in conjunction with the coin.

When talking about the freedom of the princess in an act parallel to the money, Blinken indicates that one of the vacancies in the region is the security of the periodicals. Subrayó that “for at least 17 periodicals in each hemisphere is included, including Yesenia Mollinedo and Sheila Johana García, the director and a site reporter El Veraz, en (Veracruz), Mexico, que fueron baleadas el 9 de mayo. Ninguna región en el mundo es m pels peligrosa para periodistas.

“In Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, the simple act of conducting periodic investigations is a delusion,” he added.

Mantras tanto, the “miles” of participants in their parallel activities as in the official events of the cube inside the center of Los Angeles. Among them, the official list of participants, the general secretaries of the UN and the OEA, representatives of various multilateral and regional organizations (Banco Interamericano, Panamericana de la Salud, etcetera) and a list of delegates which includes the European Union, Caricom and various parts of other parts of the world.


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