La Jornada Maya – Medicina humana salva a girafa: le colocan ortesis en extremidades

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Running the last three decades, Ara Mirzaian has orthopedic apparatus for all of them, and many Paralympic athletes still have scoliosis. Pero Msituni era a patient as ningún otro: a giraffe recién nacida.

Born on February 1 in the San Diego Zoo Safari Park north of San Diego, with its delantera extremities beneath its equivalent direction. The Safari park staff says that the powder does not correct the condition of the mediator, which impedes to improve and walk through the habitat.

Pero not only experience in coloring an orthopedic apparatus and a baby giraffe. This result is especially difficult because there is a 178-centimeter (15-foot-tall, 10-foot-tall) height and height of the body. Entonces, communicates with ortesis experts at the Hanger Clinic, while Mirzaian advises primarily animal patients.

“Fue bastante surrealista cuando me enteré por primera vez”, said Mirzaian a Ap This is a very important issue for Msituni, who is still struggling to make ends meet. “For the most part, all that goes into connecting to the Internet and studying giraffes 24 hours a day, all day after the seminar, even though we’re stuck here.”

Zoologists seek out every ves and professional physician who treats people to find solutions to animal diarrhea. Collaboration is especially useful in the field of prostheses and orthoses. Following this principle, ZooTampa in Florida associates with similar experts to replicate with the pinch of a large peg pressed affecting even with a 3D printing press.

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Hanger’s team in California orthosis for a cyclist and kayaker who wins medals at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Brazil and personalizes an orthopedic device for a marathoner with multiple sclerosis that corrects on all continents.

In 2006, a team from Hanger in Florida created a parachute for a mule dolphin that had lost its carriage, which could be trapped in the trunk of a trampoline. The story inspired the 2011 film Dolphin Tale.

But there’s a definite appendage for everybody, including Matt Kinney, a senior vet at the San Diego Zoo Alliance of Vida Silvestre on the Msituni case.

“Cominente nos ponemos yesos, vendajes y esas cosas. “Although it is extensible, as it is an orthopedic apparatus that is proportionate, it is algae because it actually grows to retrieve our fellow human beings (from medicine)”, says Kinney.

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The body of the body is hyperextended, due to the articulation of the hair in the extremities of the giraffes, which are more or less the same. As with overcompensation, the second extremity delantera también comenzó a hyperextenderse. The articulations of your trays must be folded down, but the powder can be adjusted with specialized suspension extenders.

Even if you weigh more than 100 pounds (55 kilos), the anomaly will establish an invoice for your joints and joints.

With the aim of building custom orthopedic appliances, Kinney provides the first orthopedic apparatus for those who want to have surgery on a target that is short and voluptuous in space. On the other hand, Msituni also uses orthopedic apparatus of human grade medicine that is modified for its most distant parts. Eventually Msituni rompió uno.

In order for custom orthopedic appliances to function, they tend to have a range of motion per se, but Hanger works with an enterprise that makes orthopedic appliances for hair.

Using molds of the giraffe paths, you need to cut the carbon graphite orthopedic apparatus that presents the torpedo pattern of the animal points that coincide with the beach.

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“Ponemos el patrón de la jirafa solo para hacerlo divertido”, said Mirzaian. “Hacemos is with the people all the time. You can choose superheroes or your favorite team and print them in your refuges. Entonces, qu por qué no hacerlo con una girafa?

Finally, Msituni only needs an orthopedic device. Otra pierna is corrected solely with the orthopedic apparatus of medical grade.

Running the cologaron off the collar to the personalized corset, Mirzaian establishes it accompanied by the beauty of the animal being abrased.

“Fue increíble ver una creature tan grande y hermosa simlemente acostada frente a mí”, dijo.

Up to 10 days with the customized course, correct the problem.

In total, this orthopedic apparatus lasted 39 days from birth to birth. If you are in the hospital of animals all the time. After that, it briefly presents its mother or other mandibular membranes. Su mamá nunca la aceptó, pero otra jirafa hembra la adoptó, por así decirlo, y ahora corre com las otras jirafas.

Mirzaian espera take a picture of the baby giraffe with his orthopedic apparatus stamped on it so that his children and those who are treated are inspired to use it.

“Fue genius to see an animal walking with an orthopedic device,” he said. “I feel very good that we salute the life of a giraffe.”

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