La Jornada: Ukraine against the tide


for the organization NATO has added a new theater of military operations for those we knew until recently who were already at war in Ukraine: the human mind. As an example, the French researcher Thierry Meyssan says: “The Russian army has won the war against guerrillas in Ukraine. At the same time, in the West, NATO is winning the knowledge war against its own citizens. The human brain joins the already recognized theaters of operations (land, sea, air, space and cyber). He adds that NATO has the Allied Transformation Command, with 21 Centers of Excellence, including NATO’s Center of Excellence for Strategic Communications, under the supervision of France’s François de Cluzel, a former professor at the Inter-Arms military school in Coetquidan, France. His research covers the entire field of knowledge and its various applications range from robotic soldiers to war propaganda. While the actions developed in the five traditional sectors are carried out to have an effect on the human sphere, the goal of cognitive warfare is to transform each person into a weapon., says de Cluzel. In any case, it is clear that in the war in Ukraine, US imperialism uses the most formidable and extensive mechanisms of war propaganda known to date in armed conflicts, since the most advanced technologies in this matter were developed by NATO and the most important. Core: The Armed Forces of the United States.

Another essential feature of this war is the centrality it plays, as in everything else, the so-called social networks. By the way, many years before the entry of Russian troops into Ukraine, a massive operation was already underway to discredit Russia and President Vladimir Putin. It can be argued, without a doubt, that the mass killings against Russia began as soon as the United States and an embarrassing group of European leaders realized that neither Gorbachev nor Yeltsin could beat Putin to subdue them. Although he did not come to experience a new socialist experience or anything like that, it was enough to make life bitter for the leaders. Westerners, to thwart the oligarchy and put Russia on its feet again. To be determined to refuse the dismemberment and plundering of its vast natural wealth and economic wealth that arose in the Soviet era by major international capital. Mostly mediocre, these leaders are alarmed by the statesman, strategist, and patriotism accumulated in the Leningrad-born ex-KGB.

The media campaign is pushing fear of Russia to crazy extremes, like expelling Russian band leaders and singers or suppressing Dostoevsky’s lectures or Tchaikovsky’s concerts – not to mention banning Russian cats in cat competitions – and it also tends to divide the world in East and East. The West, the ultimate good and evil, is demonizing and excluding Washington presidents for thinking differently. It’s an updated version of the more primitive, authoritarian, witch-hunt anti-communist McCarthyism, now with cognitive warfare and social networking. Capitalism has never been side by side with liberties, but this moribund neoliberal does not even support the rules of formal democracy. threatened to quit Honour US visa for Mexican representatives who formed a friendship committee with Russia It is added that governments that do not increase crime and stupidity sanctions must be pressured to suppress economic aid and other coercive measures. Against Moscow, which does not publicly condemn him. Or even those who do not send weapons to the Ukrainian neo-Nazis. I have no doubt that at any moment they will ask the White House and Congress to take extraterritorial measures against those who support electrical reform in Lopez Obrador, which is already worthy of numerous visits to Mexico by officials of the Empire.

The pervasiveness of lies, half-truths and misinformation of the dominant media, first of all the Internet and its networks, shows that in the face of the war in Ukraine it is more important than ever to compare and filter sources of information. More critical thinking. Ukraine is ultimately the victim of a much larger conflict between the United States – which has not succumbed to the acceptance of a multipolar world – and Russia and China, ready to defend their place in that world. The conflict that began long before February 24 this year.

In the midst of this, the good man Mr Biden does not stop launching moral agitation against Putin. Isn’t Biden the same holy man who enthusiastically called for the brutal bombing of Belgrade and Danube bridgesThen they voted for the Iraq war?

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