Recently, in the public domain, the labor of students studying the duration of the pandemic has been questioned, suggesting that the National Autonomous University of Mexico is committed to you and your alumni, in different academic degrees, participating in local and federal authorities for the sanitation crisis monitoring that cobra tantas screws in our country at night. Respectfully there are some acquisitions:

1.- The sanitary authority, as of March 19, 2020, in its office DGCES.DG-037-2020, suspends all activities of the pre-existing clinical cycles, supporting the directors and directors of Hospitals and Jurisdictions sanitary facilities that students do not listen to health institutions.

In the case of façade and accrual with the quoted document, the access to the pre-arranged interns in the hospitals of the first and second level of attenuation is implied. The University supports these guidelines by the Sanitary Authority and considers the contents to contain containers and protect the health.

Pregraduate students will be integrated integratively, from the last quarter of 2021, to their hospital activities, within the means in which the authority of their health institutions is permitted.

2.- The patients of the social service that are included in a number of operating hospitals, but instructed by the sanitary authority, translated into health centers, to approve the National Health Program, while continuing to have interpersonal services.

The whole of the rural ores are permanently located in the grove, approaching the carelessness of these populations and the effects of the pandemic in the marginal rural population.

In fact, most of the UNAM patients have more than one million patients, who add up to 14 million patients from other educational institutions.

About 15 miles of resident physicians, students of the specialty backgrounds, always present the present while being terribly mesmerized, showing great professionalism, empathy and dedication to outsiders working, not obstructing their families or their lives.

Doctors, investigators, docents, and medical students and nurses at UNAM are always trained in the primary SARS-CoV-2 virus contamination line and in the attenuation of infected patients.

3.- As additive tareas

    • – The Universidad Nacional participates in the manner relevant to the medical operation of the Temporal Unit COVID-19, of Citibanamex, where doctors and patients, patients and patients, physiotherapists; nurses and nurses, from the academic units of the Faculty of Medicine, FES Iztacala and Zaragoza, as well as ENEO, are part of the team that attracts around 9 million patients.
    • University medical staff realized 23 miles of COVID test in different CDMX seats.
    • – The work of the “Juntos por la salud” initiative, and the university doctors collaborate for the 226 private hospitals provided for patients with COVID.
    • – Fueron acquired and distributed 4 mil 700 respirators and included 1.3 million kits in 300 hospitals in the country, as well as 2.6 million cubic meters.
    • – In conjunction with the UNAM Foundation, the company is interested in more than 800 miles of professional kits from the public institutions of the Republic.
    • – UNAM medical facilities with a capacity of more than 21 million people with prevention and attenuation of COVID and ascending to 13 miles more than the medium of the “Call & Chat Center Covid-19”.
    • – It has a capacity of 133 students and academics from the careers of Medicine, Nursing and Odontology, for the sum, in case of need, in the National Vaccination Campaign against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Your services do not require the gran mobilization to make the effect possible in the State.
    • – Various seats from Universidad Nacional fueron habilitadas as centers of vacation.

Testimonios de lo anterior hay muchos. Fueron miles, universities and universities that in the sanitary crisis are involved with peace. Sirvan’s data is currently being scrutinized because the company is deliberately informed about the academic and compromising approach of the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

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