LaQiga conquista en diez claves

Real Madrid conquers the league number 35 grace and collectively and individually, as well as the good guest from the bench and during the training

Real Madrid goleó 4 a 0 al Espanyol on the can of Santiago Bernabeú and with that result crowned a campaign in which the team expects collective and individual imposing conditions, as well as other factors before the withdrawal of their league number 35.

1. The Benzema leadership

It is complicated to find in the history of football a mutation similar to that of a footballer. To play for the rest you will be an insacred goal scorer (42 goals in 42 games, 26 assists and 11 assists in the League in 30 turnovers). From an introverted character to a leading example. The authentic captain and great referent of Real Madrid. The player who wants to pass the front through the balance Cristiano Ronaldo which is required a Gareth Bale primero ya Eden Hazard posteriorly. Quinto in the white club that exceeds the bar of 40 tantaments in one tempo, launched and up to all the registers of titles and number of games. The best carrera course with 34 years. An example.

2. The complete set of Ancelotti

Cuando el Real Madrid announce the name of your new trainer along the final stage of the second stage Zinedine Zidane, la sorpresa fue generalizada. Nadie esperaba el regreso de Ancelotti. Not only Carlo, but also mismo has been confiscated.

Fue un acierto de Florentino Pérez and José elngel Sánchez, general manager of the white club, but the profile of the intern who has historically triumphed in the Madrid dressing rooms.

With a philosophy similar to that of Vicente del Bosque o ‘Zizou‘, looking at the players as an excited footballer who buys, gestor from the psychological aspect to not tend to take a single step and find consensus in each of their decisions.

Fixed rotation and counting with apennas 15 south of the plant of constant shape. The net to conquer the five great Ligas ya suyo. The first technical example ghana in Italy, France, Germany, England and Spain. The technique of decimation is a new gesture and completes the objective that is seen in its regression.

3. The creation of Vinicius

Comenzó LaLiga sintiendo la amenaza de Eden Hazard in its rapid demarcation demonstration of indisputable title. Brazil has always been decisive, it is associated with Karim Benzema the best of the champion and always fired the player who tries to generate imbalance in the rival defenses. ‘Vini’ gives the pass to the front that is in demand in the goal-scoring aspect, linking most of its stamps from its league to Spanish football and marking in a solo course that has the same consistency in the other fronts.

With more time to be defined, placing in their places does not require much effort to pull the wind at its dumb point, even though Karim’s goal-scoring goal with 14 goals in 38 rebounds per goal.

4. A physical component without rotation

A total of 1,000 seedlings per 1,000 minutes in LaLiga out of 3,060 available in 34 stores. Seis de elos –Courtois, Militia, alab, Casemiro, Benzema y Vinicius-, superaron la barrera de los 2.000. The numbers that show the rotation phase performed by Ancelotti and, as an embargo, do not affect the yield.

Existence of the temptation to rehearse in the first stage, especially in the second stage, when the team is disengaged at the decisive moment of the course when the titles are determined and which are read aloud. Without embargo, place calendar and drop off internationals at any time, the Real Madrid is the team that has the most overhaul, scoring 17 points after the game and the physical recitations as the definitive one in Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán, which enter qualitatively against the resurgence of LaLiga.

5. A security at the door

The passage of time has left a Thibaut Courtois mismo lugar en importanja cada incuentro que ocupaba Iker Casillas y, posteriorment, Keylor Navas. The time of the Belgian the colum between the best porters of the world, appearing always with a decisive intervention in a moment key of the parties. Of the 116 remittances he recovers, save 90. Give him a full shot in 13 junctions and assemble a small raccoon box, then send LaLiga to Canada, try to lubricate the top of the box with a magnifying glass.

6. The return to the Santiago Bernabeu

An important factor for setting a white time on the course of the course is to allow the Santiago Bernabéu. Because much of Alfredo Stéfano’s stadium is within the reach of the sports city, it does not have the same role as the first team and the public outlet.

Pese a la obras del nuevo Bernabéu, the inconveniences for the affirmation in the access, the madridism did not fall on your team and the degree of the stadium has recovered the magic. If the classic buffet and four empathize hard against teams with other battles in the competition, the winning two firms and 38 goals in favor of the local, with a media of 2.2 per cent, convincing the team of Ancelotti in the largest LaLiga in its stadium.

7. Eterno Modric

In the center of the field inadmissible to Madrid, CasemiroKroosModricwhich the physical refuge of the young was found as Fede Valverde y Eduardo Camavinga, emerge a figure that has any decisive. Of his 36 years old, he works best in every time he plays, as he plays in his brilliant football, Luka Modric has signed a Magnificent League. A total of 1882 minutes, goals and some assists, with the goal in the outer court being registered at its number, 90% accuracy on the pass. The renovation has just begun to return to the white.

8. The group for encima of the numbers

The union of a renovated and unified dressing room has always been in Madrid. The group at the end of the stars. The path of a leader who ejercía Sergio Ramos and which now share different players as well Luka Modric, Benzema, Casemiro o Toni Kroos. The situation and what makes world shooting stars like Eden Hazard or Gareth Bale, complete with surprises and with more than a few minutes of time on the playing field.

The progressive curtain of protagonism of a trajectory player in the club as Marcelo. La poca implication de Luka Jovic. It does not alter the environment of the group that has exploded at any moment when it determines its intern.

9. La fortaleza de viistante

Buena part of the ‘culpa’ of the La Liga Madrid Madrid’s finish from one half to the final, having its visitor fortification. The team of Carlo Ancelotti gani en todas sus solidas ante rivals direct and teams of the high zone of the classification. Camp Nou, Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán, Reale Arena, Benito Villamarín.

Three victories for the derrotas, in the case of Espanyol and Getafe, more than empathy, with a masterpiece of undisputed power. Provoke that the breccia with its crooked rivals against these direct goals. Up to 35 goals were scored by Santiago Bernabéu when he found his defensive plant-friendly men competing with each other, demonstrating his strength with the game of his game and more space to attack.

10. Fortaleza reaction to the goals

Cada derrota en el Real Madrid generating an internal turmoil through the lanes of LaLiga Santander provocations provokes a crisis of results that generates two teeth in the team and is reflected in the classification. It’s a solid leader in that, traces of despots with local empaths (Levante and Villarreal), the service of the adviser to set the curtain on the curtain, in the case of Espanyol in a quote that marks the various jugadors and refuses the idea of Ancelotti de no apostar por rotations.

The excess of configuration is repeated through the packages of navigation vacations, cayendo en Getafe, y el golpe m durs duro, en autoestima, se lo llevó en el clásico del Bernabéu. The pass of Barça (0-4), let alone an internal break provoked the definitive reaction before signing a triumph that sentiment LaLiga to the first of its kind and exchange with four jornadas per disputarse.


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