las denuncias muestran otra cara del sistema medico

1.- Medical complaints: la otra cara de la salud pública

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“And it’s still great that algunos are not accepted hayan, that voluntarily hayan dicho that your salud system is efficient (…) ¿Saben because what is it? quién ”, arengó el presidente Andrés Manuel López Obrador the 7th of February 2020.

The two-layered waterfalls in San Luis de la Paz claim to support the Popular Insurance by the Institut de Bienestar, as it explores the rapid pandemic of Covid-19, sparking plans to overthrow federal and systematic administrations. salud pública.

One with this view in the political impact, other than the financial resources that are considered in the game. In the end, the perceptions of what the media are about are patients, affiliates or not, and systems that historically retaliate and retaliate.

I do not think we can cover the cases of medical malpractice. The unmistakable reflections of the caliber of an atheist that hires people living in Guanajuato, with the diversity of institutions whose mission is based on public health.

How to inform hoy Correowhich are presented in a prominence which are medical ante the Statistical Commission of Conciliation and Medical Arbitration.

Public hospitals are the ones that get the most of the most severe denunciations in recent years, all of them from the Mexican Institute for Social Security (IMSS), which are bureaucratic labyrinths – how to describe your exdirector Germán Martínez Cázares– you are always in the midst of corruption and negligence.

In essence, the static system that encapsulates the Guanajuato Salute Secretariat (SSG), inferred by comparison, has a consistent consistency of medical devices, which tend to take into account the complete inconsistency of personal justification – , Daniel Díaz Martínez– that the pandemic affects hospital demand.

In the middle of nowhere, it is destabilizing the paper of private nosocomies, which is the cause of oversight, the skin tingling in a persistent negligence that reflects the lack of a major control over its impact on public health.

More than numbers, it treats people. Citizens who are committed to the professionalism of their public or private institutions, have all their interests in doing so with only one mission and one term with a major influence.

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2.- Alejando Navarro and his disguised coquetry in MC

From professional boxers to rappers, while promoting diversity, it is also characterized Alejandro Navarro Saldaña es no pasar desapercibido; the keys are in the view when a policy future is created that is not as secure as the PAN active frame.

This is the end of the week, in the form of navigation Navarro acaparó miradas as specially invited to the brand ‘Pride’ of the LGBTQ + en León organization. With a multitude that is almost conquering the alcalde Alejandra Gutiérrez Camposto worship the temple as a promoter of diversity, to have the conservative part abandoned.

It is inevitable not to send this image – promoted by the communication team – with its intentions to aspire to the Guanajuato governorate, as it has been added.

Without embargo, the course of a semaphore in which the photograph is taken by the static conductor of the Moving City, Rodrigo González Zaragozaas with the Monterrey alkali, Luis Donaldo Colosio Riojasand the governor of Nuevo León, Samuel García Sepúlvedaapproving the concentration of capital cities.

Inside the part that encabeza as moral leader Dante Delgado Rannauroleyeron estas muestras públicas as an evident coqueteo, that no lelega m ques que a picones para el PAN donde do le dan majores esperanzas y al contrari, ven reserves the pronouns that Navarro has been expressed in favor of the LGBTQ + community.

Including, if the tooth of the eagle’s part is easily removed, as Zayra Velázquez Gonzálezthe statutory delegation of Mujeres in Moving, whose record is the Guanajuatense chapter of the political violence chapter which is protagonist against the MC regulator in Guanajuato, Carolina Valadez Beltrán.

Including, the discourse that Navarro offers in order to have a contraindicated sentence, as per the MC as the first pass before it strikes the orange part. The case is that in MC no lo tienen, from the moment, as a possible plug.

No obstante, el alcalde se mueve. ¿Seri que trae algún animador detrás, de nombres Francisco Agustín y de apellidos Arroyo Vieyra?

Espere usted cualquier cosa. This is because of the diversity of generosity and equity, as far as Guanajuato is concerned, which does not accept opportunism or political arbitrariness.

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3.- Callejoneadas, between tradition and luxury

Salud Pública
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Whenever a person, tourist or local, pies a pie in the Jardín Unión, se ‘rodeada de’ tunos’ que le invitan a la callejoneada. It is a must-see attraction in Guanajuato capital.

Recovering students from the student city is costly to do so. Universities recreate the bohemian tradition that originated in medieval Spain, singing romantic songs, serving them with guitars by places of interest.

It is currently active or not involving students in the traditional way. As confirmation of the city chronicle, Eduardo Vidaurri Aréchiga. The historian recognizes that the exchange rates and all cultural manifestations are adapted; sin embargo, habría que preguntarse si los cambios han sido para bien.

Tourists pay 120 pesos for a ticket to callejonada. The cost includes a baby, but in the event the participants are eligible to purchase other products such as flora and rosettes from the list, which deliberada form forms part of the narrative that maneuvers the student. The option to buy more alcohol at ‘spontaneous’ points, strategically, tampered with is part of the record. Ultimately, the experience is a stream of consumption that comes little by little to the tourist.

Vidaurri advierte that some of the principles of the students are a good product with fine threads. Unfortunately, this activity is in high demand. Tourists, who want to know the origin of the tradition, have just gotten rid of it.

With a repertoire that blends classic and romantic associations with the callejonadas, the musicians offer the creation that the client expects, and that’s a soez humor, of mal gusto, that no all divierte.

Note that the callejonias have changed dramatically, and more than nostalgia. It’s important to offer visitors to a patrimonial city the traditions with a presentation card on the forums, which is not subject to debauchery.

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Víctor Zanella Huerta

V Zanctor Zanella

Positioned in practice as an operator operating the static goblin, the local dipot by Irapuato Víctor Zanella Huertato present to you the information about the funds of the Financing Enlation Junta that has been realized in the municipalities, as the president of the Hacienda Commission and the Fiscalization of the State Congress.

It treats one of the most recent PAN scores, which searches for a futurized act by the compactor group of the governor Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo que encabeza el jefe de gabinete Carlos ‘Charly’ Alcántara.

It is an operating system with novelty features, which does not allow for complexity and time to figure in the public gym.

Precisely this is done with the massages of the work that the pan desserts in the last months, because it intensifies all the way from the slide of Rodríguez Vallejo before the alcaldes grow.

Zanella is a prominent promoter of the ‘responsive’ song to which it is accredited. The manner in which the legislature’s position is to be enforced is to offer the right to vote in Congress with the assured avalanche of solidarity of static administration.

On the other hand, Víctor Zanella has always perfected the bodyguards to keep the audience from being overwhelmed by the opposition, making sure the skin is as perfect as the executive.

Hoy, it’s a local diphtheria that sue with the Irapuato alcalde, offering results that además de darle mayor reflector, firing in buena medida in futuro inmediato that vislumbra para los municipio rumbo a sugundo año de ejercicion paúbico pa for the train ride.

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