Latent the ability of Juan Carlos Osorio to fly to Mexico

ESPN says that the Colombian has an offer in the middle of Bravos; we offer other possible options

The feasibility of the Colombian technique, Juan Carlos Osoriodirija nuevamente en el futbol mexicano is latent según se disprende de persons allegadas al extencic de la Mexican National Selection in the passage World Cup Russia 2018que confiaron dicha noticia a ESPN.

Many Colombian companies claim that Mexico’s cafeteria strategy is to flatter and engage with an MX League club. Journalist Luis Arturo Henao assured on his twitter account that a Mexican club is interested in his services.

In the same way as informing the communicator in a post that exjugator Alexis Henríquez, one of the great icons of the National Athletic, is a series of technical assistants. Including the fact that it is a pre-solder, in which it stabilizes all the terms to sign the contract.

This site can be assured that Osorio effectively counts on its ability to recreate in Mexico, which is an option that the dam and damages can be corrupted as a team that is the son-in-law of Ciudad Juárez’s Bravos. The point is that because of the privacy issues it is very complicated that some partially reveals the possibility that Osorio directs to the club, but that in ESPN we do not want to present the latent options in the Mexican market for the cafeteria strategy.

Bravo de Ciudad Juárez

At the moment there is no official connection to the R systemicardo ‘Tuca’ Ferretti in Bravos de Ciudad Juárez. I speculate that Rafael Puente Jr., exiting Brazil, is a viable option, without embargo, even if you do not have time to go to Point or not the trainer of the frontline team. The presumption is that Ferretti is not an economical trainer and includes the convenience-free team for what it’s supposed to be. In social media, the rumor that Osorio is about to sign with the team, although this is the case, is not currently corroborated, but rumor is corrupt.

America has not ratified Fernando Ortiz

Not obstructing the internal trainer, Fernando Ortizlightly flowing from the eagles to the general position, Santiago Bañosdeportivo director of the team, has not ratified that the azulcrema strategy is in the near term.

For nadie is new that Baths have a great relationship with Osorioluego de que trabajó con él en la World Cup Russia 2018. Here’s directing the opportunity to conceive of the philosophy and methodology of the work, but that Santiago bears the Colombian alcans in all the sentiments.

It should be noted that the United States does not currently have the capacity to contract Osorioluego del cese de Santiago Solari. In interview with Varlvaro MoralesSantiago in broma aseguró que si el ‘Tano’ ganaba el titulo, aseguraba su continuity.

Tampoco chivas hablado con Cadena

Anoche in the program Football Picante, the internal technician, Rciardo Cadena, assured to ESPN that the directive rojiblanca, encabezada by its deportivo director, Ricardo Peláezdoes not have the capacity to search as it would be tempting to approach the time.

The interior of the Chivas includes the acceptance that the condition of your condition and is consistent with the fact that the place does not support itself at all times in the following tempo. Quiz, as in the case of Fernando Ortiz, all dependent on the action that the team is holding in Liguilla, not obstructing the sum of several Ghanaian parties and possessing a large community with the aficionados of Rebaño Sagrado. Chivas are currently interested in Osorio, which, contrary to their ultimate experience in Cali America, does not fall into place.

Other clubs

Other conjunctions that have no trainer are the Leónluego de la salida de Ariel Holan. At the moment, the Esmeraldas are looking for a strategy with the characteristics of the South American.

In the case of Santos, Eduardo Fentanes, despoés de gran gran trabajo, no había sido ratified as far as mañana de este martes, antes era un posiillidad m ens en la baraja de clubes si strategida confirmados.

In this way, the possibilities of the external of the three venga to mexico can be safely and securely in close proximity times or semantics using the option of aspiration strategy to assume a national team. This is what Osorio sí tiene una offer very interesting y Bravos is one of those teams that responds to their services.


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