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Mayo load of novels on the main streaming platforms, some of which are waiting for a moment of Esperanto. Los fans de James Bond by fin podrán disfrutar, por emjemplo, by all your movies in Amazon Prime Video from the first day of my. ¡Incluida la tltima, ‘Sin timo para morir‘!

'Obi-Wan Kenobi'

It is possible that we do not have a summary of what’s looking for in the last time ‘Stranger Things‘antenna ponernos con los nuevos capitos, pero tenemos muchas ganas de regresar a Hawkins. Tantas como de volver a ver a Ewan McGregor look for the best look of anyObi-Wan Kenobi.

Between the disassembled brakes tampered with the contours Matrix Resurrections‘en HBO MaxRapa‘, la nueva serie de Javier Cámara for Movistar +, and much more. ¡Consult the list of novelties destacadas del mes!



May 5: ‘Clark’

May 6: ‘Welcome to Eden’

May 13: ‘The abbot of Lincoln

May 18: ‘I Quién mató a Sara?‘T3

May 20: ‘Love, Death + Robots‘T3

May 27: ‘Stranger Things‘T4A


May 6: ‘Incompatibles 2’, ‘Déjate llevar’

May 13: ‘Vuelta al insti’

May 18: ‘Cyberinferno: The investigation that started the horror’

May 19: ‘Tal para cual’

May 20: ‘The perfect family



May 4: ‘Disney Gallery: Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett’, ‘Padre Made in USA‘T18,’War of the Worlds‘T2,’ Bingo y Rolly ‘T2-3,’ Europa desde el cielo ‘,’ Ovnis en Europa: Historias ocultas’, ‘Bloody Tales of Europe’

May 11: ‘C conmo conocí a tu padre‘,’ The Quest ‘,’ Outmatched ‘,’ El cazador ‘,’ Big Hero 6 ‘T2,’ Muppet Babies’ T2, ‘Megaesculturas: Maravillas de la ingeniería’

May 18: ‘La vida y Beth’, ‘The Walking Dead‘T11B,’The Passage‘,’ El padrino de Harlem ‘T1-2,’ Entre hermanos’ T1-3, ‘Supervivencia en la tribu’ T3

May 25: ‘One for all‘,’Mayans MC‘T1-3,’ Wu-Tang: An American Saga ‘,’ Papás ​​por encargo ‘,’Néboa‘,’ Doctor in the hospital of girls’ T4, ‘Wild Australia’

May 27: ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi


May 6: ‘The Return of the Wizards: Alex vs. Alex’, ‘The Greatest Wonders of the World’, ‘Asos somos‘,’Armageddon

May 13: ‘Sneakerella: Cenicienta en zapatillas’,’ Missionary mission: tigers in India ‘,’The proposition‘,’Assassin’s Creed

May 20: ‘El aparcacoches’,’Chip y Chop: The rescue guards‘,’Eddie el Águila‘,’¡Goool!

May 27: ‘Alimentando al mundo’, ‘The planet of los simios‘,’Return to the planet of the simios‘,’Huida del planeta de los simios‘,’The rebellion of the simios‘,’ Battle for the Planet of the Simios’, ‘JFK: How to Fight a President’



May 2: ‘Búnker’

May 6: ‘The Staircase’, ‘Pares and nones‘T2

May 12: ‘Salvage Romania’

May 15: ‘Conversations between friends’

May 16: ‘The journey of the traveler in time’

May 28: ‘Weeds

May 30: ‘Gallows Day’


May 22: ‘Matrix Resurrections



May 6: ‘The Wilds’ T2, ‘Bosch: Legacy’

May 13: ‘Disaparecidos‘T2

May 20: ‘Night Sky’, ‘Totems’


May 1: ‘Sin timo para morir‘, Saga’James Bond

May 8: ‘Bad Boys For Life‘,’The Addams family 2: The great escape

May 13: ‘Fátima‘,’ Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls ‘,’ Lola igndigo. La niña ‘,’ The Kids in the Hall ‘

May 19: ‘Emma‘,’Trolls 2: Gira mundial



May 6: ‘Harry Palmer: The Expedient Ipcress’

May 9: ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’

May 19: ‘Rapa


May 1: ‘Black Friday’

May 6: ‘Halloween Kills

May 7: ‘On the sky’

May 8: ‘Arturo y algorithm’

May 10: ‘Lady Nikuko’s last fortune’

May 11: ‘El este’

May 13: ‘Mom and dad

May 14: ‘The Ultimate Survivors’

May 15: ‘El imotlimo hijo’

May 17: ‘Pleasure‘,’ The Nowhere Inn ‘

May 20: ‘Sequences of the sequence

May 21: ‘Supernova

May 24: ‘Petite maman‘,’ En el silencio ‘

May 25: ‘The rise of resistance’

May 27: ‘El buen patrón



May 3: ‘Brassic’ T3

May 10: ‘La acusación’

May 17: ‘The time of felicity’ T2

May 24: ‘Manayek’

May 31: ‘Parliament’ T2


May 4: ‘100 days with dad

May 6: ‘The honest Spain‘,’Jane by Charlotte

May 13: ‘Culp‘,’Vaca

May 20: ‘The story of my wife‘,’Irreversible: Integral inversion‘,’ Val ‘,’ El caso ‘

May 27: ‘Ariaferma‘,’An intranquil love



May 6: ‘Tehran’ T2, ‘The Big Conn’

May 13: ‘The Essex Serpent’

May 20: ‘Now and Then

May 23: ‘Prehistoric Planet’


May 1: ‘Steve and the league of monsters

May 20: ‘Belfast‘,’El lodo‘,’ Lakewood ‘



May 1: ‘Gaslit’ T1


May 1: ‘Hijos of the men‘,’Malditos vecinos‘,’Blackhat: Amenaza en la red‘,’Lost in Translation


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