Laura Bozzo, wash a swimsuit for the first time and then in a video

The exit of the program The House of the Famous in the second edition of the continent created, pues sus televidentes tienen la opportunidad de ver a sus artists favorite things that are or include washing the bath.

It is the case of Laura Bozzothe programmatic controversy of programs that, at the moment, is slowly reproducing critics and bullshit, now, as an inquiry into this case, has been commented on by one of the public favorites, who has been completely frustrated and still has it open labor camps.

Aunque sin duda, controversy persigue a la Peruana, pues se sabe que tiene un fuerte character; que lo haga.

Interestingly: Livia Brito in a sporty morado look, hasten her corazones

If you want to check the conductor, it’s a no-brainer, not even if you want to do the lip-feeding workshops in the hog, but because, all of them are part of the program, they are criticized for not collaborating casually in each other, son ellos mismos los que deben de limpiar todo.

Aunque Laura Bozzo, ha dejado ver que tener que lympiar le desagrada, pese a ello, ‘La señorita Laura’ tuvo que entrarle a la limpiza de la casa y comensi con el swim.

Swimming pool, sinks, walls and toilets of the same shape, part of the perimeter of the perimeter plate. To help make this work a daredevil work for actress Natalia Alcocer, she has given instructions for introducing into the world of domestic dodgers.

To comment on the labor, the expression on Bozzo’s rope was then placed in the laundry, especially in the inoculation, for the continent of Haciendolo, including the recycling of Niurka Marcos, which explicitly washes the fresh.

In the first semesters of the program, Bozzo solo quedaba sent in a bastante tranquila manner as the demos establish hanting to keep the limb of the casa, a situation that is generally small.

Now, the conductor should be as low as possible with the swim head, as long as the sample is taken and then all the recommendations of your computers for which the swimmer is most effective.

Sorprendió verla lavando los espejos de este espacio y preguntado cómo quedaban mejor. Al final, Laura Bozzosentiment and charge in the locker room, expressing themselves recognizing all the implants domesticya que dijo que es un trabajo very complicated.

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