Learn how to deal with insulin during a power outage for diabetics

The insulin currently supplied has a human chemical structure that is produced by genetic engineering.

Dr. Jose Garcia Matteo, former President of the Puerto Rico Society of Endocrinology and Diabetology. Photo: Archive of the Journal of Medicine and Public Health. Fabiola Plaza.

It: insulin It is the most effective medicine to fight the symptoms of diabetes. The purpose of insulin Insulin treatment in patients with diabetes mimics the function of the pancreas so that patients with this disease can lead almost normal lives. It: insulin which is currently supplied, has a human chemical structure produced using genetic engineering techniques.

compared to species insulin There is a great deal of ignorance among the diabetic population among patients with existing diabetes. That’s why the Journal of Public Health (MSP) talked to an endocrinologist. Dr. Jose Garcia Mateoto find out everything about insulin.

Ask Dr. Garcia what their types are insulin One of the most common diabetic patients explained how their refrigeration conditions should be:

“Fast-acting insulins are humalog, novolog, apidra, they can be stored out of the refrigerator for up to 28 days, there are other new insulins that last longer, such as tujeon, which is U300 glargine և can be stored. up to 56 days և non-injectable drugs that are not insulin can be refrigerated for up to 56 days; others may stay for up to four weeks; the other can last up to two weeks, so in fact the diabetic has alternatives depending on the management he or she uses. ”

One thing that many do not know is that there is a species insulin which can be refrigerated for up to 28 days, which is great news when natural disasters occur, as diabetics can use the medicine without the need for electricity.

By product labels from three manufacturers insulin The United States recommends that: insulin Store in the refrigerator at approximately 36 ° F to 46 ° F.

These products, not opened, stored with this egg, retain their validity until the expiration date indicated on the package.

“There is one of the most widely used insulins, basal, which is glargine or lantus, as it is known here in the United States, in Puerto Rico, there is another name, which is basaglar, because that type. insulin You can keep it out of the refrigerator for 28 days after opening it or before opening it, that is, it does not have to stay in the refrigerator for 28 days, “Dr. Garcia explained.

How to store: insulin during the disaster

Many people think that they need a big refrigerator to store food. insulin when there is no electricity. Dr. Garcia explained that simple methods can preserve the useful life of this medicine.

“If at that moment he could not have a generator or it was not possible to keep it in the refrigerator, look in a small glass of water, it is ice, cold water, you can install a small boiler. insulin– While it is not freezing, do not throw it directly on the ice, freeze some water in a glass that has that fresh water և put it insulin There, to keep it fresh, well, you can. ”

However, it should be noted that the above only applies to certain types insulin as “conditional, insulin humana, N, NPH, insulin “Regular R, which is short,” the doctor explained.

It: insulin It is still the most effective method of counteracting the symptoms of diabetes as long as it is refrigerated with updated health care products. Similarly, a diabetic patient is advised to stay in touch with an endocrinologist to find out their status, progression, or disease regression.

Which patients use insulin the most? insulin Protamine lispro or NPL is analog insulin in which the order of two amino acids, lysine և proline, is reversed. This type: insulin It is not very common in people with the disease. Nevertheless.

“There are people with diabetes who need to use it insulin ordinary people, they are a small population, but because of the cost, many of them have to use eneore or if resources are not available due to a natural disaster, insulin analog, as if it had ripened insulin conditional, because in that case a transformation must be made. “

Do not throw away insulin

There is a possibility that after discovering the containers in which it is located insulin, it can not be reused, so it should be thrown away. If a diabetic patient faces a natural disaster, he can use it, as Dr. Santiago says.

“You have to keep using it insulineven if you have passed your 28 days or 56 days, depending on it insulin. Outside the fridge, we can continue to use it in emergencies so that we can control ourselves without throwing it away. The patient can continue to use it և to control himself a little more և when: insulin do not control it, it can already insulin It does not have its function, because in that case it can be thrown away, but not as abruptly as it is mentioned on the package. ”