Leclerc star is the classic Ferrari of Lauda in Monaco

La suerte sigue sin acompañar a Charles Leclerc on the streets of Montecarlo. The leaders of the World Cup of 2022 know each other as if they were literally, and that, literally, being created and still living in the Principality. Sin embargo, el monegasco have experimented with guardrails in more than one body. Y, esta vez, the pilot of 24 years has not sabido d esnde esconderse.

The little ojo of Leclerc

Charles and the Walls of Monaco: the Mayor of Positive Adventure. The current Formula 1 championship leader has amplified his black background with the case circuit is dominated by the celebration of Grand Prix Historical Monaco.

This is a special event, which anticipates the GP of Monaco from F1 each year, is the perfect annual opportunity to find the most classic car cars in the car, to import the era.

At the end of the 14th and 15th week of May, F1 mottled monoplasms are present, such as Maserati 250F Lotus and Williams are passing camps, with only a handful of other classics enjoying the classic 3,337 meters of the iconic Monaco circuit.

It is said that in this historic event only personalities related to the world of the engine and for this edition Charles Leclerc were published by Scuderia to try el Ferrari 312 B3 that Niki Lauda piloted during the 1974 season.

Hasta ahí bien, tan solo iba a ser una exhibición. However, as a professional pilot, you can always try to get more out of your car… Y Leclerc if you have a few yachts with fire. The 24-year-old pilot printed the Italian monoplase on La Rascasse, affecting part of the wheel tray. Adiós al alerón y bochorno absoluto de Charles en las calles de Montecarlo.

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Leclerc is monoplastic, averted due to error and rapidly discouraged in social order: “Cending pensabas que ya habías tenido toda la mala suerte del mundo en Mónaco and pierdes the brakes in La Rascasse with one of the most iconic places in the history of Formula 1”, Posted on Twitter. Si Charles fuese español, habría tuiteado lo siguiente: “Tierra, trágame”.

The case is that it is not Leclerc’s first demolition in the Principality: all left in 2017 at F2, when abandoned by problems in PREMA desperate to hacker la pollen. However, the brakes on the Alfa Romeo-Sauber are falling apart, miserable that in 2019 abandoned, precisely, but a lapse in La Rascasse deprived that Ferrari compromised its classification. In the latest edition, Charles logró la pollen with an accident inclusive, but dominoes can not participate in the carriage but a problem in one of its parties.

The Leclerc Maldicia continent in Montecarlo. We want to cut the denture of the two semanas, even though the method has been solid in 2022 in its first contact point with the Monegasque asphalt.

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