Liga MX. Hernán Cristante is a freelancer in Bravos de Juárez

Hernan Cristante solo dirigió 10 matches in Gallos Blancos sign up with FC Juárezto record what you want to live in less than two months in the club, or to violencia en el Estadio Corregidora en Jornada 9 ante Atlas, todo se puso a contracorriente.

The club is fullhaving to go through the door, the directive that encabezaba Gabriel Solares was suspended for five years and la franquisia tiene que venderse as part of the sanctions for violent violence.

El DT argentino habló con mediotiempo about the significance of incertidmbbre in the queretano frame, donde si bien no fue un buen torneo en lo futbolístico, tuvo el apoyo de la gente para salir adelante and live with the team with the sensation of having something important.

“It simply came to our notice then no wonder no big torrent in numbersin the south of the repechage, the sensation of haber ganado algo era is present by all that había pasado, entonces yo digo que fue un gran torneo. Muchos me han llamado y me han dicho ‘saliste campeón en Querétaro’ por todo lo que sucedió y ahí incuentras el apoyo. Fue brillante lo que hicieron los jugadoresnot in the football aspect, in a consistent aspect de lo que pasaba ”, said an interviewer.

Cristante comment that the gent of Caliente group aguantó al tomar de vuelta al equipo durante marzo y april, donde lograron salvar la multa por la porcentual to terminate in place 15 of the table of contents.

“The apology of Jorgealberto, of Toño Nuñez, of those who are patient with what they have, with the idea of ​​algo, to place the team, aguantaron. In many situations there are some extraordinary things and we do not want to make this sensation of paying too much, the deportation is worth it, it is effective, because you decide that things do not hiccup in many aspects. Responsive direct is the user and the technical is what is. I need to find out if we are stable enough to fall, because of the mistakes and I get the sensation that I can be on a flat grain and a good grain “, added.

Present with Bravos

Now en Bravosthe DT of 52 years tops with a team that only players without identity, measures that are considered consistent with aspects of the contract that are negotiable, such as the infrastructure of the institution, measures that are sought by the master.

“It simply came to our notice then the player does not have the profile, hay cosas que se tienen que ir dando, trabajando, como profesional, the identity with an institution is not the same as a contreatyno te la da un scudo, you have the vital part, as well as the knowledge, the communication that is tense with the gent that is being sought, with the city, the stadium, the infrastructure ”, commented.

“The football player is a person, you know, he lets go of the traits of individuals who have oil and it is important, even if you have a lot of time, because there are so many things that can be done, that can be done with you. gente, tomar tu timpo para la rehabilitation, eso es importante, eso te da identidad y me parece que ahí estuvimos cojeando, no tan finos, todo suma. El jugador debe verlo, palparlo y tiene que sumar ”.

or Cristante no le preocupa llegar como reemplazo of Ricardo Ferretti, ya that no intenta demostrar ser mejor que él, al contrario, es un privilege para él que se hayan fijado en su persona para continue the walk starting from Tucathe quality considered to weigh the least results.

“In mi the comparisons in caben, I do not define the rope that we use, a car, a watch, I define what I feel, what I create and what I prepare. Tampoco entons define me lo hizo Tuca acá. Hizo un gran trabajo y los resultados fueron malos, y lo puedo decir, es futbol. If the continent of the Tuca line is an honor, you can register as one privilegebecause I work hard in this medium, I can only say that I have to deal with it, in what I hear and what I can say, and it is an honor. I do not want to show that I can be better than Tuca“Because I do not recommend it, I try to show that it is different and that I can report it to this institution and team”, declared.

Last but not least, the results that I expected at the next stage with Toluca or Querétaro, Hernán affirms that Bravos is a trabajar and consider that the club has its front end in order to create a protagonist project.

“Soy a person who has his friendspero normally los he superado, me gusta esa sensation, el hecho de poder superarme a través de un desafío, no de una mesa linda, puesta. It is not in Paris, in Monaco, in Milan, it is not in an important capitalin a large team. Vine a trabajar, from which it is dealt, it does not come to appear on a technical director, soy hombre trabajador, muy trabajador and my work team is equal. These are the conditions for giving a point of the party and inserting the phrase to be attached ”, finalize.


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