Lolita Cortés: Sin permiso para equivocarse

It is known as the Reina of the Musicals, the Game of Thrones The academy y as a diva, pero Lolita Cortés is an all-inclusive grazing acrobat with its working armor.

“For example, if you have a name in the brand and when you buy it, you can not equate it”, affirma.

The discipline that comes with working hours and that even demos, says Lola, should be taken care of Dolores Jimenez, which does not allow errors or omissions. But one of the best of your generation is considered.

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“I do not know the scenario and I panicked because I thought: ‘tengo que hacerlo perfecto porque sino la gente va regresar el boleto va va decir que soi un farce'”, confiesa.

Fue Susana Alexander quien, hace ya una década, la hizo cambiar y relajarse, porque actuar es un juego.

“I believe that I am a human being and that I can be equated. Dije: ‘claro, yo amo estar aquí, pero sigo siendo uni niña y esto es juego’. “Now that the nun is so aggravated by the fact that the public likes the hago and the hair that vean as much as the amfruto, pero me coste entenderlo”, confiesa.

This discipline game is valid as a protagonist musically La Bella y la Bestia y Peter Panor actually the work None of them.

Television has been adopted, prepared and included thanks to its participation in programs such as Aztec reality The academy (from the fourth generation and currently in the edition that transmits the domingos). As a jury, the mismatch applauds the presentations of the alumni as criticizing the compromise fold and working algunos. Including different differences with other figures of the medium as well Arturo López Gavito o Ilse de Flans.

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The last years have been complicated for Cortés, because the pandemic of golpeó golpeó economically, because it is 2022 different people: además de estar teatro con Te amo, eres perfecto… h ahora cambia !, Niño g perdido la la tiene ocupada con The academy, the series All Locations, AEFE Productions, and with Televisa, the program Perdiendo el juicio. Become a master of musical comedy from all over the Republic.

Lolita confiesia that flows into the excess of work, hay días in that it destroys it in its case, through direct injection and gradation, because it feels somewhat laboratory and perfecting what goes on stage, but does not have to prepare.

“For example, comparisons with embassies: you embark on embassies and you can not, except for the fact that the embroidered ves panzas by all the lads; when you do not have to work, you do not have enough oil on it and the day that you do not have more than 50 m .s. It’s a big one. “

Felicidad redonda

Hoy, haber found new love has injected fuels into Lola. Share that the well screw Elías Ajit when interpreted by Peter Pan in 2007 and one of the two encrypted technical techniques to fly the script. If you are looking for a year of relaxation, Hiero Jueza assures that its history has more than 30 years by sharing projects.

“I do not always want to be in a scenario, I always want to be a mom, abuela, and whoever travels with my life ida, and who now is a little tired of me. “I do not know what to do with this content.”

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Su salud también está de vuelta, dice the actress’s 51 years old, due to a period of pain due to lesions in the rodilla and the column that the hicieron paras. This última, por poco le cuesta el retiro y la vida.

“Voy a recibir una prétesis en poco temo, y eso para mí meaning a condecoración, es decir, ‘lo lograste, llegaste a la edad para recibir tu pritesis de rodilla’. My column is for the fin opera totally, ya no me voy a caer en el scenario, porque me desvanecía ”.

Con 43 years of artistic career and much work, assured that vive muy feliz as hace much time in lo era.

“Tengo salud al igual que mi family, tengo a mi marido y estoy completely enamorada, todo está en su lugar ”.

Acting and singing
“Now that the nun is so aggravated that the public tastes what it hagues and why it only tastes like fruit; it costs money”


Due to its location in La academia, Cortés has not passed any results.

Content phrases. The game goes to the public: “Do not vote for God”, in one of the most emblematic and refreshing moments of Jolette.

Unique Vestuarios. With its natural history, you can find all types of colorful vests to display in a reality show.

48 years old of carrera artistry is what counts in its curriculum.

10 EDITIONS de La academia la han tenido as jueza or director.


Your education at La academia has validated your mote and memes, and your extravagant attire has sold out.

Peter Pan is one of the most iconic characters to be interpreted through his musical theater.

Starring the first editing of La Bestia and Bestia in Mexico (1997). Volvoó as invitada in 2007.

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