Los 10 famosos que más contaminan en lo que va de 2022

Famosos que más contaminan 2022
Estos son los 10 famosos que más contaminan en lo que va de 2022; Taylor Swift led the list | Photo: AFP

Annually se libera una lista de los famosos que más contaminanbasados ​​en la hella de carbono que dejan con sus viajes en private life. En Uno TV te presentamos el recuento de las celebrities que más han contaminado en lo que va de 2022.

¡Los 10 famosos que más contaminan!

La compañía de marketing de sustainability Yard creó un ranking de los famosos que más contaminan solo con sus viajes en avión privado. Utilizing the flight tracking data from the Celebrity Jets account, they have made an estimate of who uses the most este means of transport and, therefore, who have a greater CO2 footprint.

  • Taylor Swift – 8,293 tons

Taylor Swift es la celebridad que más contamina CO2 de este año hasta el momento. With a total of 170 flights since January, Taylor’s plane has accumulated 22,923 minutes in the air: 15.9 days. Sus emisiones totales de vuelo para el año ascienden a 8,293.54 tons, or 1,184.8 times more than the total annual emissions of the average person. Taylor’s shortest recorded flight in 2022 was only 36 minutes, from Missouri to Nashville.

  • Floyd Mayweather – 7,076 tons

El exboxeador Floyd Mayweather emit 7,076.8 tons of CO2 since his private plane this year. Eso es 1,011 times more than the media anual de una persona; sin embargo, your life has accumulated more flights than any other celebrity in this list, taking 177 in the last year, an average of 25 flights per month. The shortest flight recorded by Mayweather was only 10 minutes, landing in Las Vegas and emitting 1 ton of CO2.

  • Jay-Z – 6,981 tons

El tercero en la lista de los famosos que más contaminan I’m the rapper Jay-Z con 136 vuelos en lo que va del año, emittingiendo 6,981.3 tons of CO2. That’s 997.3 times more than the average annual emissions of a person. As of 2022, your plane has recorded 19,296 minutes of flight time, 13.4 days. The flights include a 29-minute trip from North Carolina to Ohio.

  • Álex Rodríguez – 5,342 tons

The baseball player Alex Rodríguez es el cuarto famoso que más contaminaaccumulating 5,342.7 tons of CO2 de su jet privado en lo que va del año, 763.24 veces más emissions que las que produce una persona promedio en un año. Su viaje más corto fue de 34 minutos. Since January, A-Rod’s jet has made 106 flights and has spent an average of only 80 minutes in the air.

  • Blake Shelton – 4,495 tons

The singer of American country music and the husband of Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton, made 111 flights in his private jet this year with 12,424 minutes in the air, or 8.6 days. Hasta el momento, el avion de Blake ha emíto 4495 tons of CO2, 642 veces más de lo que produce una persona average en todo un año. His shortest flight was 27 minutes from the airport of Van Nuys in Los Angeles, California, to the airport of San Diego, also in California.

  • Steven Spielberg – 4,465 tons

The filmmaker Steven Spielberg Ocupa el sexto lugar de los famosos que más contaminan, con su avión realizing 61 vuelos este año y emittingiendo 4,465 tons of CO2, 637.9 times more than the average annual emissions of one person. The total time spent flying your private jet this year is 12,341 minutes: 8.57 days. The shortest flight was 18 minutes from Amsterdam to Rotterdam: a journey of 78 kilometers.

  • Kim Kardashian – 4,268 tons

Kim Kardashian it emitted 4268.5 tonnes of carbon emissions in 57 flights: 609.8 times more than the average person emits in a year. Kim’s plane has an average flight time of 85.49 minutes, with an average flight duration of 159 kilometers. His shortest trip was 23 minutes from San Diego, California, to Camarillo, also California. ¡Una más de los famosos que más contaminan!

  • Mark Wahlberg – 3,772 tons

El siguiente en la lista de famosos que más contaminan es el actor Mark Wahlbergque ha emimito 3772.85 tonnes of CO2 emissions en 101 vuelos en lo que va de 2022, eso es 538.9 veces más que la media anual de una persona. Mark’s total flight time is 10,428 minutes, or 7.2 days in the air. Its average flight time is the longest on this list, but it is still only 117.45 minutes, with an average of 140 kilometers per flight.

  • Oprah Winfrey – 3,493 tons

La presentadora de television Oprah Winfrey ha emíto un estimado de 3,493.17 tons of CO2 but the use of his private jet this year through a total of 68 flights, 499 times more than the average annual emissions of one person. The shortest flights include a 14-minute flight from Van Nuys, California to Santa Barbara, also California, and a 16-minute flight that generates 1 ton of CO2.

  • Travis Scott – 3,033 tons

Travis Scott Desbanca a Kylie Jenner en la lista de famosos que más contaminan con 3033.3 tons of CO2 alone this year, with an average flight trip of only 11 kilometers, the shortest average among the 10 principals. The Travis plane has a total flight time of 8,384 minutes, or 5.8 days, until 2022.

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