“Los pesticides nos dejaron ésteriles”: la denunciation of thousands of banana workers in Latin America

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Isabel Coba Mojica y su esposa
pie de photo,

Isabel Coba y su esposa Delvia no pudieron tener hijos.

Tens of thousands of foreigners assure that they are sterile due to a pesticide used by companies in the banana plantations of Latin America in the 1970s.

Estados Unidos restringió y luego prohibió el uso de ese producto en su territorio continental dueto a los riesgos para la salud, pero los trabajadores de América Central y América del Sur continuedon exposed to pesticides. Grace Livingstone investigated in Panamá the struggle of decades of workers for obtener justicia.

Isabel Coba Mojica was 16 years old when she got work in a banana plantation in the province of Chiriquí in Panama.

When he started working there in 1967, the plantation was in charge of a subsidiary of the American giant United Fruit Company, the company that since then changed its name to Chiquita Brands International.

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