Love the limits ”, the reality that competes to reach the audience

al reality showInseparables: Amor al límite”, Buscará en su third edition acaparar las audiencias para la cadena Televisionboth nationally and internationally, as declared by one of the program producers, Héctor Tostado.

“I have a competence, not nationally, internationally, between the different channels due to the creation of contents that can function in different territories. aseguró Héctor.

The reality show consists of different personalities of the world of spectacle with its pairs in a case without connection to the outside, from the inside; Rey Grupero and Isa Castro, Christian Estrada and Ferka Quiroz, Adrián di Monte and Sandra Itzel, Zoraida Gómez and Jorge Torres. By running the program, these steps are used to create distraction games to advance in the competition.

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The producer does not like most of this reality about other people in the current context when it comes to removing the suffrageted restrictions by PANDEMIC by Covid-19.

“Dentro de esta lucha por acaparar audije Inseparables tienën posit valer, en eko epo donde necesitamos resaltar valores como el amor, la amistad, y las relationes humane”, del Amore al cual define “moderno”.

As a result, all the participants and players who participate in it can be very successful in the event that no program is implemented in vivo with a constant connection to the public.

The production, as described by Hector, is constantly nourished by the work of social networks and the digital platforms of channel 5, where the public footsteps amplify the vision of the urchin in reality, with situations that do not poke verse in the transmission.

Selection of participating pairs

On the other hand, Héctor described the main premise for the selection of casting, the quality of which is conformed to this pair, además of possible parejas sorpresa.

“In the majority of cases, the artist who is being hacked and appearing in front of the cameras while not being hacked into the cameras, is the premise for the casting choice,” he said.

In order to support the diversity of existing pairs, the coils have different shapes of asymmetry in the screw in pairs, thanks to other differences.

“Not all pairs come in the form of mass and even the concept of the program is not decisive in the public as it should be in the screw in pairs, as it is very important to have a variety of perspectives. parejas que no, parejas con much time juntos, otras con poco timpo, parejas que no creen en el matrimonio y otras que sí “, puntualizó Héctor.

The participating parties have at least some work, love, family, and interest in the program without interconnection with the outside, and as Hector puts it, that the sound enters in a way distant from the relationships, or from the other problems a didactic form and divertida.

“During the process, there are conflicts between the pairs and each one of the experiments is distant, including many of the games that are best used to solve the problem,” he said.

The elimination cycles of each pair are carried out semantically with semesters by voting, without obstruction, Hector says that the reality does not last only a few weeks, given the surprises that the party supports exist during the elimination cycle.

The “tropicalization” of the concept

If the program originates in Colombia, then originated in Cristina Palacio, in Mexico it suffers an adaptation process, or as Hector lo llama “tropicalization”, For the puddle to enter more in the taste of mexican public.

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“The format was translated into Mexico by our latest producer Cristina Palacio, we analyze and see that the concept works in Mexico, following a process of Europeanization, based on the Mexican society and the content that we finalize.”

Affirming the treatment of a pandemic adaptation to the problems of the pandemic, as an embargo, concludes: similarly, we are in the creative process of treating apegarnos and it is a reality that we are living specifically in Mexico “feeling the producer.



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