MANÉ NO LLEGA SOLO: Los 3 fichajes que el Bayern Munich YA officializó

Bayern Munich will play in the Bundesliga, shortly after the UEFA Champions League. The goal is the most expensive because it works against a rival that, in theory, does not make general demagogic complications (Villarreal de Unai Emery corresponds to millions). Y, por ello, ya están trabajando para intentar volver al throno europeo.

These are the highlights of the summer market, the most important club in Germany and the last 3 shots. For more than 50 million euro yarns, it is recommended to recruit a lateral ladder that can compete as an interior (Noussair Mazraoui), and a box-to-box mediocampista who has everything to build a grand carrera in the elite (Ryan Gravenberch ) or one of the most offensive footballers of the era (Sadio Mané).

Meetings by Robert Lewandowski are definitely definite (your posture has been contracted until 2023), el FC Bayern continúa brindándole more variants by master Julian Nagelsmann.


  • Sadio Mané (Liverpool). Attacker versatile. 30 years old. Definitely traded for 32 million euros + 9 million euros in variables. Contracts up to 2025. An offensive commode. The mismo rinde parting in a band that as a second points or falsely 9. Rapid, constant, aggressive, hurtful feelings of feeling and significant experience in the elite. For that parrot and for the caliphate of the Senegalese, an authentic fichajazo. Ghana to see Nagelsmann mount with African. If you and Lewandowski, you will prove that Klopp transformed into a false 9. And if the Polish, then I play a game of part by separating the sector.
  • Ryan Gravenberch (Ajax). Mediocampista box-to-box. Apenas 20 years old. Definitely a trap. 18.5 Money + 5.5 Variables. Contracts up to 2027. You can work at the base of the team, searching for organizers, the role that Ryan’s mastermind is the recurring centurion, área área, with mayor libertad. A talent that helps with physical expiration, distribution capacity, camp vision and ballooning. Ya is being recurred in the Selection of Bajos Countries. Be present and genuinely expectant. You have to create a fascinating trajectory in FC Bayern.
  • Noussair Mazraoui (Ajax). Lateral direction that can be used as an interior flywheel. 24 years old. Read more German as a free agent. Much of the games played by carril derecho, because they have sufficient tactical intelligence and reading to compete -and render- in the medullary area, as mediocre in a double pivot or interior. I have a good rat destacando in Ajax. Algunas intermitencias, pero ya ha demostrado contar con el nivel para jugar de tú a tú en la elite (no olvidemos su brutal temporada 2018/19). With it on the plant, the normal series sees Pavard peelando by a central point.

¡Ah! Even though Bayern Munich only goes through this transfer window. Konrad Laimer is on the agenda and he is looking at it as objective. Además, with the inertidumbre respecting the future of Robert Lewandowski and Serge Gnabry,’s tocará esperar para ver cedamo queda quede confecionado el ataque.

Dato Invicto. Sadio Mané recorded 120 goals and 38 assists in 269 official games for Liverpool. Huella imborrable.

¿Sabías que…? Bayern Munich will win El Sextete in 2020. Solo ellos and el FC Barcelona have all the capacity to play a perfect year. Iconic club.

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